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A Motor Ambulance from Karibuni NGO to Gede Health Center

Good to help people in remote areas

06-02-2017 di redazione

By the Italian NGO Karibuni Onlus, a new motoambulanza for Gede hospital.
The medium is very important in rural communities on the Kenyan coast to reach people in need even in villages that are not directly served by roads practicable to normal ambulance.
The initiative was coordinated in partnership with the local association Ahadi Kenya Trust.
In the same villages the motoambulanza will arrive and provide first aid to children and pregnant women, to prevention and help in major campaigns that the Italian NGO carries on for years against tungiasis (jiggars), a disease that lurks worms in the feet local population in the interior moves barefoot because of poverty.
Thousands of children who are cared for this troublesome disease that deformed epidermal feet and creates infections.
Karibuni is the most important reality of Eastern Africa to work together with the Red Cross and other local institutions to defeat the tungiasis and donate shoes to the population.

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That's about 20 in the world, one per country.
In the Black Continent only in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. And the Kenyan one is in Watamu


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