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R.I.P. Royjan Taylor, "Daddy" of Watamu Snakes

The director of Bio-Ken Snake Farm suddenly leaves us.

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Watamu suddenly loses his snake father and founder of one of the most important reptile centres not only in Kenya, but in much of...


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Watamu like an island, safe and attractive

Success of the destination is its uniqueness

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The more Watamu is known internationally and promoted locally, the more we realize that the "Indian Ocean Pearl", as it is now called, is a unique, secluded and safe place that has little to do with the issues Linked to the politics and problems of his country.
But if this is a situation that people who talk and talk about Kenya has known for years, the important thing is that Watamu's uniqueness today is of public domain, and that its name begins to circulate like that of a destination in its own right.



Watamu, apotheosis of green and sea colors

Palms, fig trees, green islands and many shades of blue

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Beautiful view of one of the Watamu bay

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Friday 26th another live concert at Come Back Club Watamu

Afro-jazz night with african guitarist Ray Seme and italian pianist Sbringo

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After the beautiful live latin-jazz evening, with guitarist and singer Michel Ongaro, with an incredible baritone voice and surprise guests, Come Back Club di Watamu continues its lucky collection of weekly "live concerts".
Next Friday...


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Simona De Rosa, from New York to Come Back Club

Friday evening live concert with the neapolitan jazz singer

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The live evenings at Watamu's Come Back Club embellish themselves with an extraordinary concert this Friday.
On the stage of Watamu club...


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Watamu now is more precious with Maridadi shop

A new boutique in the center of the town, with original items

30-12-2017 di redazione

A new boutique was created in Watamu, right in the town's tourist centre.
On the main street, fifty metres after the supermarket "Mama Lucy", you will find the "Maridadi"shop, opened a few days ago.

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Watamu, twenty huge resorts waiting for tourists

There's no place in kenyan coast with an hospitality like that

06-12-2017 di redazione

Watamu is increasingly devoted to hospitality, like no other tourist resort on the Kenyan coast.
Within a few kilometers of extension, the "pearl of the Indian Ocean" can count as many as...


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Full Moon Dinner with live jazz music on sunday at Paparemo Beach

First of many full moon events in the exclusive Watamu place on the beach

28-11-2017 di redazione

Dining under the fascinating and romantic light of the full moon, with your feet on the white sand and under your eyes the gleam of the Indian Ocean.
Things that seem...


Kingi and Joho in Watamu, for "sweet things"

Delighted by Nonsologelato paistry and icecreams, disagreeing only on tastes

14-11-2017 di redazione

Put the two most important politicians on the Kenyan coast in front of ice cream and pastries, and the visit to Watamu becomes sweeter than usual.
Far from the headlights of the election campaign and


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Roberto Lenzi: "No problem with elections, season will be great"

Watamu stakeholder in a radio interview: "We are full for Christmas"

04-11-2017 di redazione

The optimism of the Kenyan tourism sector, after the presidential elections and their queues of expectations, anxieties and incidents in the north of the country, is no mystery.
The international media that...



Mrembo, pretty new beach restaurant in Watamu

Very nice "chiringuito" on the Fortamu bay, with sunbeds, italian and local food

02-11-2017 di redazione

A new, very nice "chiringuito" looks out onto the captivating setting of the Watamu beach meeting points.
In the bay of Fortamu, facing the island of love and just a few meters from



Watamu, election do not stop tourism

Tour Operators bring guests, domestic tourism is up

27-10-2017 di redazione

Tourism in Watamu is by now a phenomenon in its own right from every possible vicissitude of Kenya.
This is a fact by now well established and the good news is that


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Watamu, emerging destination for eco-tourism and leisure

The new trends of Magical Kenya Travel Expo for "the pearl of Indian Ocean"

09-10-2017 di redazione

Watamu and its tourism industry are strengthened by the recent trade fair in Nairobi.
The "Magical Kenya Travel Expo" has seen hundreds of tour operators and buyers from all



Laura's boutiques, a world of style in Watamu

An impressive mix of colors and creativity from Kenya to Europe

04-10-2017 di redazione

The colors, innate elegance and ethnic suggestions of Kenyan fashion and accessories are enhanced in the creations of Seven Islands and Crystal Bay Resort boutiques... with so many novelties inspired by Laura Lenzi's creativity, experience and class.
Laura has been...



An evening between heaven and hell at Come Back

Trip to pleasure, tastes, fun and more in the famous Watamu place

02-10-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

Kenya is often defined as playing on opposites:"joy and pain","misery and nobility","cross and delight","hell and paradise".
The secret of our splendid Watamu is that, while not escaping from this ineluctable rule of Africa, he takes the best from these contradictory aspects, and makes its total beauty.
And when the evening lights go down...



From today to sunday Watamu promotion in Nairobi

Three days in a park of CBD with "Watamu Gateway Expo"

29-09-2017 di redazione

From today for three days Watamu is promoting itself in the centre of Nairobi.
An important initiative to show the beauty of the coastal tourist resort to the "domestic" tourism of the Capital, which has shown great interest in the "pearl of the Indian Ocean"for two years, preferring it to other seaside destinations in the country.



The forthconing wonders of Watamu Hemingways

Total restyiling, there'll be even a bar with Gede Ruins replication

24-09-2017 di redazione

There will also be a bar with the reproduction of Gede's ruins (Gede Coffee Shop) among the wonders of Watamu's new Hemingways.
The luxury beach resort, residence and bar-restaurant has been in restyiling for a year now and is preparing to enter the final phase of the work, which should be completed by next December.



07-09-2017 di redazione


An Expo in Nairobi to promote Watamu

Still stands for "Watamu Gateway Expo" from 29th september to 1st october

04-09-2017 di redazione

There are still stands available for those who want to promote their own structure or activity of Watamu in the "Watamu Gateway Expo" which was organized by Domain Innovation Marketing in collaboration with the 7th August Memorial Park of Nairobi, a park in the city center (Moi Avenue corner Hailé Selassié) where for three days...



Today buffet and tomorrow beach party at Papa Remo

Music, dinner, driks and fun for two evenings in Watamu

23-08-2017 di redazione

After the inauguration of Papa Remo's new season last week, they resume the local exclusive on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and meet in front of Watamu's bay of love.
Papa Remo Beach, in its new candida dress, proposes this evening the usual buffet dinner (all over) with the added value of cocktails and sympathy of Mirko's friend. Entrance with dinner KShs. 1500 (drinks excluded).



Golden moments for Watamu, day and night

Good august with international tourism and young people

17-08-2017 di redazione

By now the title that has long been conferred on him, that of "Indian Ocean Pearl" does not take him any more.
This August is pretty much the Watamu season of consecration.
Despite a not perfect time (but for the Italians, in comparison to the humid and unbearable hot summer of summer, here the sea breeze and the cool in the evening are appreciated), the Kenyan town is filled with people, including beaches and local .



August 15th dinner and beach party at Papa Remo

The Watamu place on the beach offers fun under the stars

14-08-2017 di redazione

A dinner with menus on fish or meat cards and then all with bare feet on the sand dancing with the beach party.
This is the fascinating program of Papa Remo Beach, the beach restaurant bar organized in one of the most fascinating coves of Watamu, that of the seven islets also known as "bay of love" for the evening of August, Tuesday, 15th.



The emotion of falling stars in Watamu

Perseids show is magic in Kenya, because of less light

11-08-2017 di redazione

Everyone with their nose up, to watch the falling stars, Saturday and Sunday at Watamu.
Even on vacation in the "Indian Ocean Pearl" the days following the famous night of San Lorenzo can give emotions, especially in many areas of the tourist resort, light pollution is minimal.



New Mapango, a seaview terrace in Watamu

The beach bar restaurant is completely renewed

10-08-2017 di redazione

Mapango, one of the tourist attractions in Watamu, on one of the most impressive bays in the resort, has completely re-made the trick.
Those who know the restaurant bar inside the Lily Palm Resort but have always had a reputation for being a fancy and friendly international clientele, remembers the large pool and the indoors room that overlooks its glass windows directly on the beach from a panoramic location, and the terrace Outdoors from the private sundeck between sand and palm trees in front of the wetland and the Indian Ocean.



All people in Watamu for the election days

Kenyans choose their favourite tourist destination

28-07-2017 di redazione

Kenyans chose where to spend the days of the national elections, scheduled for the next Tuesday, August 8th.
The Ministry of Interior and National Security has not advised the population to stay in Nairobi and other northern cities, and yesterday, US observers applauded Kenya as it is organizing anti-racism.
But profiting from coincidence with August vacations and school closures, many families will close their activities and enjoy days of deserved relaxation.



Agama, rettile che cambia colore in base all'umore

In this time on Kenyan coast orange and blue are more bright

24-07-2017 di redazione

Mood in Kenya is really an essential component of life and not just for man, who often finds "sense of peace" or the meaning of his earthly path. Science now tells us that some animals can completely change the features according to how they feel inside.
This is the case of Agama, that particular and wonderful lizard that we are used to to admire even on the Kenyan coast, especially when it starts to be very hot. Its peculiarity is the color. Indeed, in the face of an intense blue (or electric blue) skin from the tail to the front legs, it almost always has an orange head.



Almost ready the tarmac road of Timboni

After the way to new market, next step is Jacaranda Road

21-07-2017 di redazione

Improving the infrastructure at Watamu.
It is a slow process but its fruits, as it was previously for lighting all the main artery and how it will be for connecting the coastal road with Malindi, via Mayungu.
The Timboni road pavement is now under construction, which will link Gede-Watamu to the new market area, where a new mattoon stand is to be created.



Re-opening with new look for Papa Remo Beach

Today sunbeds and restaurant, evening buffet

20-07-2017 di redazione

Great restyiling for Papa Remo Beach, Watamu's historic organized beach that reopens on Thursday, July 20th for the season.
What will jump to your eyes now is the leap of quality elegance with white to make it master. White in the structures and finishes that will evoke changing fabrics and the new exterior furnishing, which is enriched with two comfortable cement sofas with colored pillows.



Now is also on Facebook

Videos and reportage will show the beauty of Watamu

16-07-2017 di redazione

From today becomes much more than just a tourist information portal.
With the enrichment of the interactive Facebook page, and with the presence of Mirko, a professional barman and passionate videomaker, but especially involved in the tourist growth of the resort in Paparemo Beach, each week there will be video links, services and headlines for To show the beauty of Watamu.



13-07-2017 di redazione

The summer season of Watamu Lily Palm Resort start out in the best way.
In recent days, the refurbished hotel overlooking one of the scenic bays of the Kenyan tourist resort celebrated a wedding of a couple from the high society of the capital Nairobi.


Famous coiffeur Virgola loves Kenya and Watamu

Many of his products have swahili names

05-07-2017 di redazione

Virgola is one of the most well-known and important Italian brands in the hairdressing arena and its historical founder and owner Rinaldo Rampon is a love of Kenya.
For years he has watched Watamu and his beaches, but not only.
From its creative "bad of Africa", some hair products, foams, shampoos and protective masks have been born that have names for us.



Many properties of mangrove honey

Even in Mida Creek there's this precious nectar

03-07-2017 di redazione

Watamu's mangroves are a natural paradise that attracts thousands of tourists, environmentalists and nature-loving travelers every year. They are a unique and fantastic natural landscape, with its microclimate and an ecosystem that allows you to observe certain types of birds, amphibians and crustaceans, such as the famous mangrove crab.



Turisanda back to Kenya, at Watamu Sun Palm Resort

Prestigious Tour Operator bets on swahili coast

01-07-2017 di redazione

After a few years, Turisanda returns to wagering on Kenya and chooses Watamu to bring its customers through travel agencies, its website and the huge customer portfolio earned during many years of Tour Operator.
The Turisanda Club Sun Palm Beach Resort (4-star superior) is a structure of only 44 newly renovated rooms to ensure guests the utmost care for every detail. It overlooks one of the beautiful bays with the islets and a white coral reef strip.



Watamu, why international students love it

Undergraduates come here for stages and fun

23-06-2017 di redazione

Watamu is not only a paradise for tourists and for those who fall in love with Africa and then returns, but also a "field of exploration" for many young people from all over the world.
Especially its ecosystem is of interest to the schools and university groups of Europe and America. In recent months, schools from Belgium, the United States and Austria have joined Kenyan and African schools and British universities in discovering the wonders of nature that the Watamu area boasts of, so diverse but so close to each other.



A singular catch in Watamu, the Bowhead Guitarfish

A preistorical ray taken by scientists of West Indian Ocean Association

15-06-2017 di redazione

Thanks to the photograph of a marine scientist, Michael Gilbert, on Watamu's beach, it was possible to classify the incredible fish that were finished in the local fishermen network, which are not usual to capture such specimens of the genre.
It's a "Bowhead Guitarfish" of the breed family.
Guitar fish, we could call it. In the Latin classification it is part of the Rhinobatidae family.



Watamu, not only holidays

With vacation requests, real estate also comes in handy

07-06-2017 di redazione

The sale of Watamu for next season and in general as a holiday home, second home and also possible paradise where to start a new life, moves to Italy. In the Old Continent, negotiations for the purchase of houses, villas and apartments are under way, which, after a noticeable decline in recent years and a slow recovery last year, had a significant rise in the season just ended.



All crazy for Watamu, already reservation for christmas

50 per cent increase for destination comparing to last year

28-05-2017 di redazione

It's boom for requests to Watamu, the resort is queen of the Kenyan coast for clicks and reservations.
There are already many attestations of interest for December 2017 and January 2018, as well as real reservations for the month of August.
There are also many airline fare requests from Europe on Mombasa.



Watamu good for indian and japanese tourism

Malindi attracts chinese, Diani still more for british

08-05-2017 di redazione

A research conducted by BMI Pubblication, an agency dealing with a variety of magazines, magazines and online travel and tourism websites, has conducted a search for new marketing for the Kenyan coast and has recently shared with Diani the results with the Kenya Tourism Board, The Kenya Tourist Promotion Office.
From this study it was found that Watamu is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for high-level tourism in India, especially connected with Nairobi.



7 Islands Resort not closing during low season

Surprises for Paparemo Beach next summer

07-05-2017 di redazione

In contrast to many resorts and resorts that have closed down, especially due to the lack of charter and continuous flights, but also for renovation and seasonal maintenance, the 7 Islands Resort in Watamu will remain open during the low season.



Summer and autumn of movies for Watamu

With the director Malavenda for tv and cinema

03-05-2017 di redazione

It's in preparation a hot summer and a warm autumn of shooting between small and big screen in Watamu.
A promotion that comes from the love for Kenya of director Francesco Malavenda, increasingly committed between Italy, Kenya and the Principality of Monaco, and the availability of the owners of Lily Palm Resort, a tourist structure always very attentive to promotion through the media and television channels and cinematographic.



All the social projects of Jacaranda Beach Resort

From a nursery to free water and now building two churches

30-04-2017 di redazione

Jacaranda Beach Resort has been a part of this time in Watamu not only synonymous with tourism and hospitality, with the beauty of its sea and the quality of its services, but especially for the local population is becoming more and more Reference to aid, development and social background initiatives.
The Italian management of the resort just outside Watamu and close to small rural and poor realities, such as Mbarakachembe, Kijwetanga, Jikoke, Digirikani, Karaweni can not close its eyes in the face of the situation just outside the structure and that even the Tourists intuit upon arrival and during their excursions.
In addition, many of the resort's employees come from those villages and their families live in that reality.



Watamu queen of Triathlon next saturday

April 29th the eight edition of the competition

24-04-2017 di redazione

Watamu confirms even this year's the fixed appointment with the Triathlon.
Sports that brings together three disciplines like racing, cycling and swimming in one competition, reaches this year's eighth edition in the Kenyan resort.
The 2017 edition will take off from the beach on Turtle Bay Beach on Saturday, April 29, and will follow a path that will allow not only sportsmen, but also spectators, to enjoy the most breathtaking views of Watamu, between sea and nature.
For information and subscriptions Myra 723078291.


Kenya in Top 5 of the world ecotourism paradise

Two big american eco-operators suggest the african country in 2017 trips

20-04-2017 di redazione

Kenya was included in the five countries to visit in 2017 for an eco-conscious holiday by two of America's most important industry operators.
G-Adventure and Intrepid Travel have cited Kenya as one of the most interesting and growing countries in eco-sustainability thanks to the reserves of the Masai Mara and Samburu, the National Parks of the Amos and Aberdare and the Watamu and Mida Marine Reserve Creek.



Jacaranda Bay is the best beach in Watamu

Choosen by followers of the two coast portals. Garoda Beach in second place

18-04-2017 di redazione

Jacaranda Bay is the best beach in Watamu: hundreds of fans of Africa, tourists and Italian residents who love the coast of Kenya, say that.
A week of voting, more than four preferences among readers of the two and portals, as many of the 5000 followers of our Facebook page and other groups and social network pages, gave the award to the first major survey .
(Read here nominations and view of the beaches gallery)



17-04-2017 di redazione

Watamu at Easter was the set of an Indian wedding from "a thousand and one nights".
The Lover's Beach, the Island Resort and 7 Paparemo beach, the location chosen by two young scions of Indian society in Nairobi, Sonya and Pranav, to stage a wedding party in Bollywood style lasting three days between ' farewell to celibacy and single, Saturday between pool parties and receptions and Sundays with the ceremony in true respect for the traditions of the country of origin of the two Kenyan families.



Top beach of Watamu: two for the crown

For our readers Jacaranda Bay and Garoda are the best

12-04-2017 di redazione

Three days of intense voting, nearly five hundred reports to choose the top beach in Watamu, including the five that included in its nominations.
Voting via our facebook page, the forum of social groups where it was posted the article and our email, will continue until next Tuesday, April 18 to decree what, according to the readers is the most enchanting paradise of our tourist destination.


Here's the tuk tuk choosen by Spielberg

Movie in Watamu, was just an April's fool joke!

01-04-2017 di Beppe Scione

The news of the film that Spielberg would shoot in Malindi was an April Fool's joke of, WAC, and Kenyaoggi.
All social sites and pages joined in the joke to say that Watamu is beautiful and safe ... even without Spielberg!
It 'an invitation to always read the interesting news of sites and pages that relate Watamu, no need to look for sensational news,
because the wonders that can offer Watamu and its palatability are already good news.
In fact, apart from the date of the first of April, one could easily realize the fish by reading between the lines of the alleged author name from whose book Steven Spielberg would stretch his screenplay: Avril Snapper, Avril as April and Snapper as the Red Snapper, known African Indian ocean fish.



Easter in Watamu, lot of tourists from Nairobi

Days full of domestic tourism, but even english and a huge wedding

31-03-2017 di redazione

Despite the bad idea of ​​charter flights to bring forward the closure of the Italian tourist season to 31 March, Easter in Watamu we are expected happy, than in previous years.
They are coming in fact, according to bookings, several tourists from Nairobi and also some British presence (after it has been taken away yet another "travel advisory" there was a great revival of interest) and American.



Last evening parties of Papa Remo Beach

Stasera ultimo buffet, domani sera beach party di arrivederci

29-03-2017 di redazione

The season of the evening parties of Papa Remo Beach closes today and tomorrow with the last "fireworks".
The exclusive venue on the Watamu beach love goodbye to his Wednesday night based cocktails, buffet and music to listen to, and the now historic beach party Thursday night due to which they danced barefoot on sand throughout the season.



Serena Grandi fell in love with Watamu

The actress of the Oscar "La grande Bellezza" in Papa Remo Beach

23-03-2017 di redazione

Watamu increasingly Very Important Persons, and summer never ends.
Now the resort town of Kenya has taken the place of Malindi and many other destinations once called "exclusive."
Times have changed and today the white beaches and the crystal clear sea Watamu attract both famous and worldly characters, and business people and cultural, as well as youth, sports and nature lovers and ecology.



On wednesday aperitif and buffet at Papa Remo Beach

On thursday disco in the same beach club of Watamu

21-03-2017 di redazione

With Mirko cocktails at sunset, begins the usual two-day party at Papa Remo Watamu Beach.
The stunning local pied-dans-l'eau in front of the seven islands of love and one of the most beautiful bays on the coast of Africa, becomes a meeting place and entertainment, with the addition of good wine, vibrant music and tasty dishes that tickle the palate. In a magical place like Papa Remo service and atmosphere we can not fail to live up to.



The "Viperetta" falls in love for Watamu

Stakeholder and owner of Sampdoria Ferrero at Paparemo and Crystal Bay

19-03-2017 di redazione

Even in March, the end of summer African, Watamu continues to attract tourists and to charm celebrities.
On the Sunday of Paparemo Beach, a true classic of beautiful sunny days on one of the cult of the resort beaches in the coastal town of Kenya, also appeared Massimo Ferrero, the Roman businessman and president of Sampdoria nicknamed "Er viperetta".



No water again on the north coast and in Watamu

Electricity bill of Baricho has been cut even this month

15-03-2017 di redazione

It's a ritual that has now been repeated for too long, but they are not served even electoral skirmishes with blows of guilt to stop it.
Like almost every month (only one stop, fortunately, during the holiday season) no water in Kilifi County.
The story is well known: the parastatal entity that supplies water to the coast does not pay electricity bills, or rather does not pay past debts that were prorated and Power & Lightning cuts the current to the water supply of Baricho, including filters for treatment by the Galana River.



A CD with many friends to help God Our Father of Timboni

Ugo Gangheri and other musicians, the GOF choir to help the Children Center

13-03-2017 di redazione

A laudable musical initiative of the Italian friends of God Our Father Center for Needy Children of Mound, along with the Neapolitan musician Hugh hinges, author of the soundtracks of many shows of comedian Job Covatta, always closely tied to Kenya.
In these days is presented throughout the country the album "A way or tiempo - Timestreet", the same hinges with Nomadia folk group.



With tourism increasing, beach boys are more in Watamu

Hoteliers together: "We have to divide the good ones from the rotten apples"

10-03-2017 di redazione

Any positive effect has its downside, especially in Kenya.
This year tourism Watamu resumed marching in the right direction, that of a good number of appearances which lasted up to the present day, with charter companies who are thinking of extending up to Easter weekly flights, planned for now only until 31 March.
But with the return of compatriots on vacation on the white beaches of the most popular tourist locations in the country, the shoreline unfortunately became repopulated by people who have nothing to do with those who work to promote this destination and who knows the rules of a place resort.



Residents of Arabuko Sokoke protest: "no digging"

To build new roads, they take murram from the forest edge

08-03-2017 di redazione

The residents and communities of the Arabuko Sokoke forest protest against the excavations on its edges.
The largest rainforest of the Kenyan coast, which extends up to Gede Matsangoni Mijomboni and Jilore south and north, is a key lung not only for nature, but also for the climate Watamu area, and has always offered the resources to the poor people that live in a just populates worthy, thanks to the rainfall and the characteristics of its soil.



Middle of the week, it's Paparemo Beach time

Buffet on wednesday, beach party on thursday in Watamu

03-03-2017 di redazione

The Paparemo season in Watamu Beach goes on.
The beautiful and exclusive venue of the Indian Ocean in the bay of the seven islands (also known as Bay of love) goes to the days on the beach with sun beds on the beach, the elegant restaurant and the chiringuito bar, even the happy hour time of sunset with Mirko mixologist, and two special nights midweek that have become fixed appointments for many residents and vacationers Watamu and Malindi also away.
Wednesday night is the scene the buffet barefoot on the sand and background music (often with some surprise singing) great choice of amenities for a real dinner together under the stars (KES. 1500 drinks not included). Thursday evening is the time instead of the usual beach party, from 22, to dance barefoot on the sand. Kshs input. 500. For information and reservations, Tel. 0412009174


Vintage evening at Paparemo with a jazz band from Mombasa

On the beach in watamu live music and a special atmosphere

02-03-2017 di redazione

Someone told us that in the sixties, to the Simbad Hotel Malindi, on Saturday night the orchestra came from Mombasa and in the large terrace overlooking the sea danced the American swing, because the owners of the hotel were built in the Moorish Americans.
Wednesday night at the Watamu Beach Paparemo proposed an evening of yesteryear on the beach, which reported in timeless atmosphere patrons of the weekly appointment buffet, giving notes and vintage elegance unusual for nightlife on the coast Kenyan, too often relegated aseptic "bumbum" in nightclubs, which has little to do with the beautiful starry, the whispers of nature and the scent of the ocean in the background.



Italian Ambassador happy to see Watamu full of people

Massoni saw a significant increase of tourists on the coast

22-02-2017 di redazione

"I was really pleased to get back to Watamu after a year and see it blossomed with tourists":
So the Italian Ambassador in Nairobi Mauro Massoni, on the sidelines of the concert violinist Francesco D'Orazio, yesterday in Malindi.
Speaking to, Massoni reiterated the interest of the Embassy for entrepreneurship of our compatriots in the coastal tourist towns, especially linked to the resort industry.



Hollywood industry bets on Watamu

An important production wants to shot in Kenya

19-02-2017 di redazione

The news spreads from sources close to the Studios in Los Angeles: a major Hollywood production, which has already put his signature on important films shot in Kenya (from "The Constant Gardener" by Fernando Meirelles that Raquel Weisz earned the Oscar for best Supporting actress), would be ready to make a film with the major scenes to shoot in Watamu.



16-02-2017 di redazione

A season finally happy to Watamu. The tourist destination on the Kenyan coast has once again become one of the most popular destinations, with an international showing to appreciate the wonders of Kenya and its Indian Ocean.
Compared to last year, according to data from the accommodation, from the beginning of the influx of tourists has increased by fifty per cent, but the percentage is set to increase thanks to a much more flattering in February of 2016.
The largest coastal resorts, such as Crystal Bay, 7 and Lily Palm Islands, are working very well, as well as the Jacaranda Resort Bay and a small suite and boutique hotels on the beach.



New KTB introduce itself in Watamu

Direct flights, security and cleaning are the priorities

09-02-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

A charming new director, Betty Radier, and a new marketing strategy.
This 2017 edition of the Kenya Tourist Board has presented to the hotelier Watamu meeting yesterday morning at Kobe Suite Resort on initiative and managers Guido Bertoni.
After the meeting held last January in Malindi in collaboration with the advisor of the Ministry of Tourism THR, the Kenya Tourist Board had not responded in the same manner in Watamu and taking into account the diversification of destinations desired by Roger Jones, chief adviser of the Minister Balala , there would be no need.



Tomorrow evening Marco Novati presents his book of travels

At Marina Restaurant "Africa Maisha Marefu" with Bice Ferraresi

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Tomorrow evening at 20.30 at the Marina Restaurant in Watamu, the traveler, documentary filmmaker and writer Marco Novati presents his travelogue in Eastern Africa entitled "Africa Maisha Marefu" (long life to Africa), supported by the artist Bice Ferraresi, who he edited the preface.
The book, of which we speak at length here is a passionate journey to places and situations that evoke the magic and magnetism ancestral especially Kenya, between the Maasai Mara and Lamu, with surprising encounters and descriptions from "mal d'Afrique".
An evening of stories, evocations and travel anecdotes do not miss.


A Motor Ambulance from Karibuni NGO to Gede Health Center

Good to help people in remote areas

06-02-2017 di redazione

By the Italian NGO Karibuni Onlus, a new motoambulanza for Gede hospital.
The medium is very important in rural communities on the Kenyan coast to reach people in need even in villages that are not directly served by roads practicable to normal ambulance.
The initiative was coordinated in partnership with the local association Ahadi Kenya Trust.



Our portal is renewed to promote better Watamu like different location, same tourist promotion

03-02-2017 di redazione

Even is renewed in his look!
And not only!
The Watamu portal now becomes dynamic, can be read more easily on each mobile carrier, will have linkable news individually and give more space to promote tourism.
Recently the marketing of the Ministry of Tourism of Kenya has indicated in Watamu one of the tourist destinations for excellence in the country.



A project to make Watamu the pearl of Kenya

Eco-destination with water sports, diving and natural places

26-01-2017 di redazione

As part of the presentation of the "Kenya Beach Destination Strategy," the report on the revitalization of tourism commissioned by the Kenyan government agency Spanish THR, yesterday in Malindi there was also talk of Watamu destination.
"A tourist destination that will be completely decoupled from Malindi and other tourist resorts on the coast - said the rapporteur of the report, Roger Jones - because it has special characteristics, which are also the strengths reported by its entrepreneurs in recent meetings: especially ecology, seaside living for relaxing, diving, water sports and deep sea fishing. a destination that appeals to young people and sports, and international tourists, and a good percentage, increasing, club-goers. "



A restaurant in the Sardinia Two paradise

Relax and comfort on the sunbeds of Alawi

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Lunch in one of the most elegant and secluded boutique hotel in Watamu, on the shores of the Bay Jacaranda,
Directly across from the sandy islets of "Sardinia Due" and relax on the beautiful private beach sunbeds?
Or organize an exclusive dinner in the company in a unique setting between the whispering palm trees and the sweet music of the palms?


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Natural protection of skin Made In Kenya

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Kite, deep sea fishing, sun and environment

Four ways to enjoy Watamu during holidays

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Young people have chosen it as a favorite destination for the Kite Surfing.
The wind has changed since a week, the first month in the summer kaskazi blows strong and allows the long strip of ocean protected by coral reefs, from Hemingway to the creek Bay Midas, to occur in evolution and enjoy the beauty of the sea doing sports.



Come Back, pleasure garden of food

Watamu restaurant renewed in menu and design

11-01-2017 di redazione

If the Come Back Club is the undisputed meeting point for every night in Watamu, with its increasingly crowded bar and full of joy, with the hospitality of his "deus ex machina" Mario Ciampi and that mixture of Africa and Europe distinguishes our tourist destination, today the local in the town center also adds to the excellent food and the pleasure of dining in a casually elegant garden to its nightly proposal.


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"Duka Mapango"

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In fire the girl section of God Our Father in Timboni

No people injured, now we have to help the children center near Watamu

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A fire partially destroyed yesterday the God Our Father Center For Needy Children, one of the largest hosting organizations of children of Watamu area, Mound, also supported by many Italians.
Fortunately there were no harm to children or staff, but the damage is extensive.
The fire seems to have developed due to an external short circuit and having reduced ash good women of the wing structure, fifty beds to 135. The fire spread so fast because of mattresses, however brand new ( just provided by the Time4LIfe).