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Kenya Ice Lions, from Nairobi to Canada

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When the evening bar in Malindi was a german one

Biergarten: the pub on Lamu Road where you could face...everything

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The history of the tourist Malindi begins about forty years ago but the first hotels, the... 


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The east coast of Africa. 
The boundaries of that linguistic and cultural unity known as Swahili culture range from Mogadishu in the north to Cape Delgado in Mozambique. 
A long coastline shared by a single language: the kiswahili, a mixture of Arabic and bantu, whose texts date back to the 12th century. 
But a strong visual element...

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The story of the name "Tusker" on the famous kenian beer

A tragic legend brought the name and the elephant logo to one of Kenya symbols

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Many famous labels of spirits and distillates around the world conceal, behind their sometimes curious and sometimes curious names, curious legends or interesting implications.
This is the case...



600 years ago the tales of the first chinese in Malindi

Zang He lived for one year in Kenya in 1417, historians say

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The history of the first Chinese who landed on the shores of the Indian Ocean is six hundred years old.
It was in fact 1417, according to Beijing scholars who recently published a volume on the travels of the great oriental navigators, when Zang He with a fleet of 40 ships, arrived in Malindi, after having touched India, Oman and probably the coast of Eritrea.
Zeng He, a Chinese in Malindi.



When the Circeo monster made pizzas in Malindi

Trial to the killer Andrea Ghira buried forever

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In recent days, the Italian Justice has forever archived one of the most famous criminal chapters of the so-called "good Rome", the massacre of Circeo.
It was 1975 and two girls were raped and tortured (one died, the other was saved by pretending to be one) by three rampoluses of "good family". 
One of them, Andrea Ghira, son of a famous Olympic water polo champion, managed to escape and, according to the investigation and repeated analysis of his remains over the years, he died from overdose in Spain in 1994, after joining the Spanish Legion based in Morocco.



Tsavorite, 50 years of the Kenya green gold

Legend of the famous Tsavo stone, now rare and expensive

30-08-2017 di Antonio Altieri

Tsavorite turns fifty.
The green stone named after Tsavo National Park was discovered in 1967 by the Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges.
Since then it has become increasingly famous abroad in Kenya and Tanzania, the only countries in which it is located.



Malindi quarryman wins Kshs, 10M betting

Kenyan dream is a jackpot: "I will send siblings in a good school"

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Most Kenyan citizens live with salaries or income that does not exceed € 100 per month.
Since gaining independence, Kenya has never done much to elevate its people's status, especially by creating the prerequisites: improving schooling, lowering healthcare costs and improving services.



The dream of the Limuru barber never ends

44 years old Mungara still running around the world

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It does not stop the fairy tale of the "barber of Limuru", that a 44-year-old continues to be the protagonist in the marathon of the world after having established three years ago the record of all time in the classic competition of Milan.



After 22 years she find the true mother in Malindi

The story of Romina, son of a kenyan and an italian

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Romina Pugliese is a beautiful 22-year-old girl living in Ginosa, in the province of Taranto, is a four-month-old mother of a beautiful little girl and in love with her companion who runs the busy bar in the center of town.


The story of bishop Joe in Kenya is now a book

Shot by the shiftas in 1993, is back in Dadaab

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It is a passionate story, not just from the great Christian spirit of the protagonist and his travel companions.
That of Monsignor Joseph Alexander, here in Kenya known to everyone just as Joe, is a human affair that has a lot to teach and which raises red dust from the streets and villages of Kenya's most remote, harder to live and under continual blackmail Islamic Integrity.
Now Joe's story is a book, an "instant book" published by Velar and Marna in the "Faces of Hope" necklace and distributed by Santina Foundation.
They were Muslims, but surely more bandits than fanatics, the Shifta who in 1993 attacked Joe along with two other prelates on the way to Lamu, between Witu and Mpeketoni. It was years when it was really dangerous to go over a hundred kilometers from Malindi.



Kenya, giving to an elephant a second life

Volatile situation in places with drought and local politics being the primary reasons for the unrest.  

21-04-2017 di Maurice Shutgens

In the past months, Laikipia in central Kenya has seen numerous incidences of the killing of wildlife by armed pastoralists.
The situation remains volatile in places, with drought and local politics being the primary reasons for the unrest.  
Elephants have come into the firing line, with over 20 killed in recent months and more injured. Some of the injured do not recover, but sometimes there is a glimmer of hope.



Baraka, the success of the "guy of salt"

From Ngomeni to Harambee Stars, a dream came true

15-04-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

Sun and salted sand, blinding white that goes to fade fast in the passing clouds, as if the earth of Africa wanted to shake off a nagging patina.
The green of the bush is punctuated by tall palms contours and slopes until, won dall'arsura, it turns blue.
Far away, you can see the platform for space research base of Italian San Marco.
In this surreal scene, unprecedented glimpse Kenyan fourteen years ago was born Baraka Badi.
We Ngomeni, thirty kilometers from Malindi, on the road leading north toward Somalia.



Tsavo Road by bike before the tarmacking

Cycling from Malindi to Langobaya to see the old Sabaki valley

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"We are passionate about Africa and mountain biking, so we decided to take a good part of Tsavo Road, from Malindi to Langobaya to enjoy it even as it has always been: wild, dusty and simple as the people who live at its edge" .



Four days prisoner in Istanbul dreaming of Kenya

The story of one of the tourists still in the turkish hub

10-01-2017 di Giovanni Tartaglia

Often during normal and sometimes tedious passing of our existence, we imagine to go away, to escape or just to make a nice trip, if anything, better, during the winter period. 



Caterina, from the slums of Nairobi to Malindi huts

A trip into deep Kenya loving the others

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For many of us it is unthinkable to undertake an experience of volunteering in one of the slums in the world, in the side of Nairobi that rivals the Brazilian favelas to conquer the sad black knit suburban agglomeration poorest and forlorn on the planet.



Capalbio, Kenya

A village in connection with Kenya for years

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The evening-event on Saturday, June 25, with the exhibition "Mijikenda" Leni Frau and the show of short stories, poems and songs of Freddie Curatolo, has strengthened a kind of twinning that unites two realities seemingly at odds: Malindi and Capalbio .
The village of Maremma in fact is one of the Italian places that have more ties with Africa equatorial and is not just a matter of historical courses and resorts, nor coincidences. It would suffice for example browse a historical book of the Maremma, to see how in the early twentieth century the lands still not reclaimed of southern Tuscany remembered not too far away from the savannah hunting scenes near the coast of Kenya.



The travelling library of Kenya

Culture moves by camel

27-08-2015 di Freddie del Curatolo

It 's true, as he wrote Ryszard Kapuscinski, one of the most precise thinkers and evocative of Africa, the story, the Black Continent, is transmitted orally and legend becomes myth, but the culture, prose and literature need of paper, of pages, of written words.
In one word, of books.
In Kenya the poorest and desolate, there are dozens and dozens of kilometers without a library, with makeshift schools under acacias and baobabs, or in temporary huts.



Juliana, blood on the samburu bride

An european lady witness to FGM in Kenya

03-04-2015 di Mariella Furrer

Juliana was thought to be 16 or 17 on the day she was held down while an old woman cut at her genitals with a razor blade - although her family couldn't say for sure, because in this remote part of Kenya no record was ever made of her birth.
She was to be married the following day – becoming the second wife of a man from a village 140km away from her own. And as Samburu tradition dictates that only circumcised girls can be wed, she was to undergo a most extreme form of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) called excision, whereby the external genitalia, including the clitoris, is removed.
I was there to witness this because I had been permitted to photograph her three-day wedding ceremony.
It began with a day of preparation, when Juliana's head was shaved, her wedding outfit finalised, a goat skin bracelet tied around her wrist for protection and animal skins blessed.



Filippo and Claudia, a cycling Mal d'Afrique

Italian couple from Cape Town to Malindi by bike

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Philip home is in Mambrui and there he fell in love for Africa, Claudia loves to travel.
The passion for cycling brought them together and they decided to get back on the Kenyan coast, starting from Cape Town and being all the way on two wheels, 7000 kilometers of beauty, labor, culture and unique emotions.
To tell this adventure, a blog: also opened.
Always readers, reveal how was their initiative.
"There are a thousand ways to travel the world - explains Claudia, from Mozambique, where they are now - we have chosen to do it by pedaling and pedaling finally begin our adventure in Africa.
We started on 4 November from Cape Town and started pedaling northward with Mambrui destination, where Philip has home by 90 years and where he learned to love Africa, in an authentic and profound ".



Suma, that tyre from thirty years in Matsangoni

The story of the tyre hanging on a tree on Malindi-Mombasa road

05-12-2011 di Freddie del Curatolo

Hundreds of thousands of tourists, many of them Italian, from the past twenty years have traveled back and forth the Mombasa-Malindi.
Who knows how many of them will have noticed a detail that has not changed since then.



Me, Freddie del Curatolo, now honorary giriama

My name is Mbogo, i'll be spokesman of an ethnic group in trouble

06-01-2011 di Freddie del Curatolo

From today you can safely call me Mbogo Kimera and I will try to answer you, with a proud smile.
It is a great honor for me to become a turnaround and have been invested in this "honorary tribe" during an official ceremony in the village of the MADCA association for the recovery and preservation of the culture and traditions of the Giriama.



Roots Malindi, an african parable

An unique place, historical site buried by modern age

10-11-2010 di Freddie del Curatolo

This is the story of a great tree that, with the years, has the humility to return to the earth after each ascension, and reborn stronger and wiser than before.
But it is also the story of human cruelty, that animal capable of destroying dreams and passions to satisfy their own interests.
In the last year, in Malindi, hundreds of tourists and so many residents have discovered the magic of the Roots, an unusual local built in the midst of a ninety-meter diameter zanzibar ficus.



Got lost 500 km far from Malindi, italian retired cared for in the bush

Mr. Aldo drove enchanted in the interior until he finished petrol

24-10-2008 di Freddie del Curatolo

Sometimes, in Africa, even the misadventures have a happy ending.
Some will hardly believe it, but you can lose, no petrol, no money, no cell phone in the middle of the bush and be able to return home without a scratch, thanks to the humanity of the local population.
It 'happened to Aldo V. Como original Italian, which for years has a villa in Malindi where usual "winter".
The other morning he left the house with his jeep, direct to breakfast. Who knows what was going through your mind, observing the green African reality, but decided to take a stroll a bit 'longer than usual.