From A to Z, rememberin' Kenya

The alphabet of an unique, wonderful Nation

22-04-2020 di Leni Frau

One entry for each letter of the alphabet is certainly not enough to contain all the wonders and peculiarities...


HELL’S KITCHEN The magic of Marafa

The hidden canyon

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The natives call it “Nyari”, a giriama word that means “the place crumbling naturally by itself”.
Marafa village is in Magarini district, just forty kilometres down Malindi area, less than one hour drive, mostly on a good dirt road studded by baobabs and mangoes.


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Introduction, history, geography, protected areas and tribes

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Maybe, those who consider Kenya the very real Africa, the paradise of the pure Nature, the cradle of humanity, they can appear slightly overpresumptuous, but, for sure, they are true.
This amazing Country crossed by the equator, studded with lakes and lapped by the Indian Ocean, able to rise up to the five thousand meters height of Mount Kenya and, from the grandeur of the Rift Valley, watch the Kilimanjaro, so gentle and sweet in the hills surrounding  Nairobi, the capital, and along the road of the tea leading to the huge Victoria lake, to become rough in its northern part towards the Turkana lake area and, generously devoted to Mother Nature in the savanna and the Animals Kingdom, well, this Country always deeply represented and will ever represent the "Black Continent".