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The spectacular coral reef of Watamu

Ecosystem and best places for snorkeling

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The coral reef is one of Watamu's and Kenyan Indian Ocean attractions.
Off the tourist resort, the first barrier is present from the entrance of Mida Creek to Malindi without interruption and has allowed over time and thanks to the tides, the formation of the famous sand atolls off Mayungu.
The first barrier, when the low tide is particularly low, emerges at the water level and is also walking on foot, although their beauty is to be discovered by snorkeling, or swimming deep in mask and fins if Not in "diving" with even oxygen cylinders.



Watamu history

Vilage of sweet people and that irish family...

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From ancient Arabic writings, we know that the Arabuko forest stretched from just outside Malindi almost to Kilifi and was populated by wild beasts, poisonous snakes (cobra especially) and elephants, who often came down to unexplored beaches and bays protected by barrier Reef.
There were no docks for ships, but dangerous "dry" so to Kilifi was good habit for travelers, surf off the coast until he glimpsed the Bay of Malindi.
Around 1300, the Arab community of Gede town, of which the ruins still remain today, makes a way in the forest in order to reach an outlet to the sea, in the Watamu Bay.
From there he developed a fishing village and the Arabs now established on the coast mingled with the local Giriama, creating a Bajun community that began flourishing boat trade with Lamu and Takaungu.