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My Mal d'Afrique is dedicated to...

Those who do not understand should only remain silent

15-10-2020 by Leon Mufasa

My mal d'Afrique is dedicated to those who have never been in Africa.



Kiswahili is the most widely spoken African language in the world.

With more than 120 million native speakers confirms its importance

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The Kiswahili language, originally from the coast of the same name that goes from the north of Mozambique to the Horn of Africa and later adopted also by the rest of East Africa, particularly by...



Watamu is back to repopulating with monkeys

The climate pushes colobus and baboons towards the tides

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Bad news does not always bring as much bad news, sometimes it rains in the dry and not in the wet...



In Kenya there are also the "Big 5" of the Indian Ocean

The rich fauna that populates the Kenyan coast

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The Indian Ocean also has its "Big 5". It is not only the savannah of Kenya that



Watamu where turtles feel safe

LOC, a non-profit organisation committed to protecting Kenya's marine environment.

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It all began in 1997 when a group of local residents from Watamu decided it was time to take action to protect sea turtles in the area and Watamu Turtle Watch was born. Fast forward to today, 21 years later, and Local Ocean Conservation


Watamu, a paradise to discover

The beaches, nature, history and welcoming people

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The beauty of nature around Watamu is the first calling card of this wonderful resort in Kenya.
Twenty kilometres before Malindi, arriving from Mombasa and Kilifi, after the...



Kachumbari, the Kenyan mixed salad

A few "poor" ingredients for a tasty fresh side dish

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Kachumbari is a fresh and light salad very popular in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, but also in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. It is the perfect accompaniment to dishes, not only to meat or fish, but also to pilau rice or ugali...



Andrew Mc Naughton, the Watamu artist of recycling

He creates artworks, sculptures and design, cleaning the beach from flipflops and plastic

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We live in a historical period where art, in addition to the intrinsic and historical value as bearer of beauty and stimulator of the mind, assumes an important social role; it fights for the protection of the environment and community between peoples.
Viewed this way...



The fantastic properties of Curcuma

The "pixie dust" that one should not do without

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It is a spice native to the Indian sub-continent, present on the African coasts of the Indian Ocean already in 1300 and brought to Europe by the English in the past centuries. Its name is..



The 10 amazing things we can do with elephant poop

From the analgesic to a fine coffee, to the building industry, a bio-useful element of the future.

25-08-2020 by redazione

The elephant, as well as a species to be protected for its precious tusks, can increasingly prove to be a friend of man and Nature.
Certainly the biggest, but also the most useful in things you would not expect. A study by the American Lifesaving has found that even...



Ugali, the king of the Kenyan table

Polenta with meat, fish or vegetables

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The ugali, composed of posho or sima, i.e. cornmeal and a side dish that can be meat, fish or vegetables, is the unique dish typical of Kenya and especially of the coast.



Sea, monkeys, cottages and tranquility

Anche a Watamu una delle oasi della Ngo "Arocha"

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That's about 20 in the world, one per country.
In the Black Continent only in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. And the Kenyan one is in Watamu



Tuna pass in Watamu's waters

The Indian Ocean of the Kenyan coast is populated by fish

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As every year, at this time of year, we find ourselves commenting and marveling at an effect of marine nature, which, thanks to the currents and water temperature, favours the migration of yellow fin tuna, which pass between



Bio Ken, the snake farm in Watamu

Not only reptiles, but also a study center and antidotes

17-08-2020 by redazione

The Bio Ken Snake farm in Watamu is definitely one of the most interesting and useful places to visit in the tourist town.
The structure that houses the largest collection of snakes in..



Cumin, digestive and purifying spice

Healthy benefits for body and mind

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Cumin is one of the most popular spices in the world and grows on all continents.
It comes from a herbaceous plant (Cuminum cyminum) with leaves as long as 10 cm and arranged in a comb, which has very ancient origins.
The seeds of cumin are practically similar to those of fennel or aniseed.



Watamu history

Vilage of sweet people and that irish family...

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From ancient Arabic writings, we know that the Arabuko forest stretched from just outside Malindi almost to Kilifi and was populated by wild beasts, poisonous snakes (cobra especially) and elephants, who often came down to unexplored beaches and bays protected by barrier Reef.
There were no docks for ships, but dangerous "dry" so to Kilifi was good habit for travelers, surf off the coast until he glimpsed the Bay of Malindi.
Around 1300, the Arab community of Gede town, of which the ruins still remain today, makes a way in the forest in order to reach an outlet to the sea, in the Watamu Bay.
From there he developed a fishing village and the Arabs now established on the coast mingled with the local Giriama, creating a Bajun community that began flourishing boat trade with Lamu and Takaungu.



The fish cutlets, Swahili potato croquettes with tuna

Katlesi za tuna, a special recipe for those who do not like meat

11-08-2020 by redazione

Cutlets, snacks similar to our potato croquettes, are very popular on the Kenyan coast to be eaten on the street or in the many local restaurants.
Usually they are filled with meat, but we offer a tuna version, easy and quick to prepare at home with few ingredients.



Discovering Watamu

The white beaches with bays, caves and coves and the "sweet people".

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The beauty of nature around Watamu is the first calling card of this wonderful Kenyan resort.
Twenty kilometers before Malindi, arriving from Mombasa and Kilifi, after the villages of Chumani and Matsangoni, you meet...



Ginger, the energetic and stimulating spice

Properties and uses of "natural cortisone''

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Richly owned, Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe), also known by the English name Ginger, is a perennial herbaceous plant, about 90cm high and belonging to the Zingiberaceae family...



Tsavorite, the green gold of Kenya

The history of the famous Tsavo stone, increasingly rare and precious

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Tsavorite, the green stone named after the Tsavo National Park, was discovered in 1967 by the Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges.
Since then it is more and more famous abroad than in Kenya and Tanzania, the only countries where it is found.



The invigorating properties of tamarind

The drink is refreshing, the fruit cures rheumatism

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Kenya is increasingly the ideal environment for tamarind, present on the Swahili coast since it was brought and planted from India a thousand years ago.
Tamarindus Indica is a majestic, long-lived evergreen belonging to the leguminous family.



A trip to Gedi Ruins

Ashes of an ancient arab city in the middle of the forest

29-07-2020 by redazione

Gede is located between Malindi and Kilifi, in the coastal region of Kenya, 94 km north of the city of Mombasa.
Its ruins tell of historical un'insediamento, one of the oldest in the coastal area of ​​East Africa which has remained track. The town, which seems would host 3,000 people, was abandoned in the late 1500s the abandonment causes uncertain, but it is likely that it was an attack of the dreaded Somali Galla tribes, driven out of Malindi, destroying a large part of that civilization.



Here come the birds on the Sabaki, Bird Watching Paradise...

With the monsoon, on the river estuary a spectacle of rare beauty

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With the change of season and the winter and monsoon "Kuzi" wind, the mouth of the Sabaki River is filled with rare, colourful and beautiful tropical birds.
It is now a custom, but every year...



How to talk about Africa (using all possible clichés)

The semi-serious advice of a great Kenyan writer

26-07-2020 by redazione

Let's pick up a passage we translated, taken from an amusing, ironic and by now unobtainable booklet by the Kenyan journalist and writer Binyavanga Wainaina, who unfortunately left us in May last year, who makes fun of the commonplaces of Western writers who are struggling with the African subject.



Lake Chala, volcanic pool under Kilimanjaro

Fantastic nature, swimming, divided between Kenya and Tanzania

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Few people know Lake Chala.
Located half in Kenya and the other half in Tanzania, under Kilimanjaro, between the towns of Taveta and Loitokitok, Chala is a crater four square kilometers in diameter surrounded by greenery.



The Swahili Chapati

Flat bread (italian piadina) of Indian origin

19-07-2020 by redazione

Chapati is a traditional bread brought to Kenya from the Indian tradition, but then evolved throughout the country and today baked in the streets, in poor places as well as in high level establishments as an accompaniment for dishes.
Its simple and quick preparation makes it a tasty and filling dish to pair with beans, vegetables or meat dishes and soups. 



Baobab, its beauty and its properties

The tree of a thousand years and its resources

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On the coast of Kenya there are many trees of Baobab (adansonia digitata) and many, in addition to the statuesque beauty that is one of the symbols, almost a "logo" of Africa, have also discovered its wonderful properties....



Agama, reptile that changes colour according to mood

In this period it has particularly bright shades

11-07-2020 by redazione

Mood in Kenya is indeed an essential component of life and not only for man, who often finds here the "peace of the senses" or the sense of his earthly path. Science now tells us that some animals can completely change their connotations depending on how they feel inside.
This is the case of...



Coconut. The essence of Africa.

Water, oil, milk and pulp

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The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, scientific name Cocos nucifera, a plant belonging to the Arecaceae family and native to Indonesia, but thanks to the ability of coconuts to float on seawater and maintain the ability to germinate after 110 days of immersion (a period in which they can travel up to 5000 kilometers) has spread naturally in many places around the globe. 



Galana Conservancy the nearest wildlife

Nightly and off-piste game drives in respect of the territory

06-07-2020 by redazione

The Galana Conservancy is one of the true wildlife treasures of County Kilifi and Kenya.
This 60,000 acre wildlife paradise is located on the eastern border of the Tsavo East National Park, on the northern banks of the Galana River, about 120 km from Malindi and thanks to the new paved road can be reached in less than an hour. The protected area is home to many wonderful species, some unfortunately endangered and threatened.



From subsistence food to culinary exoticism

How has gastronomy changed in Watamu and the surrounding area?

03-07-2020 by redazione

We are well aware of the history and travails of the African continent: few strains and thousands of tribes scattered over an area of about 30 million square kilometers, who have paid a bitter duty to the evolution of the Western world, suffering equal treatment in every corner of their wild and sunny land.
Like the peoples and nature, the cuisine has suffered from European colonization....


The history of Kenya's oldest hotel

The Africa Hotel in Mombasa was built in 1900.

02-07-2020 by redazione

It was 1898, in the port of Mombasa British ships began to arrive from India, loaded with goods and tools to build the famous railway that would connect what was then the first city of Kenya, as well as the most important port in East Africa, with the protectorate of Uganda.
Many of the Queen's subjects had already gone inland and had identified the marshy area that the maasai called Nai'robi (cold water field) as the crossroads of the new railway line.



That's why the Kenyan Tusker beer is called like that

Few people know the story from which the name and the elephant, one of Kenya's symbolic logos

28-06-2020 by redazione

Many famous labels of spirits and distillates in the world hide, behind their sometimes curious names, sometimes resounding, curious legends or interesting implications related to their founders or places of production.
This is the case of Kenya's national beer, now a real trademark of the country, not only for thousands of domestic consumers, but for tourists and travellers.



Everything you need to know about Swahili Kanga

The history of the most used garment on the east coast of Africa, the meaning of their writings and colors

26-06-2020 by Ferdinanda Vigliani

East coast of Africa. 
The boundaries of that linguistic and cultural unity known as Swahili culture range from Mogadishu in the north to Cape Delgado in Mozambique. 
A long coastline shared by a single language: the kiswahili, a mixture of Arabic and bantu, whose texts date back to the 12th century. 
But a strong visual element, a fashion system that dominates women's clothing, imposes itself in this area in the eyes of the traveller. 
It is an explosion of colour, a display of shapes and symbolic elements, a touch of elegance that not even the poorest woman could ever give up: kanga. 



Mango chutney beef rags with coconut rice

A meat recipe from the Swahili cuisine of Kenya

25-06-2020 by redazione

The Swahili cuisine of Kenya, as we know, is a mixture of the cultures and people who have landed on the coast, and the products of the territory they have learned to use. The example is offered by the use of coconut for boiling and stirring rice and mango, which the English culture has also transformed into "chutney" sauce, using onions, spices and chilli pepper.
So here is the recipe for beef with mango chutney, accompanied by coconut rice.



HELL’S KITCHEN The magic of Marafa

The hidden canyon

22-06-2020 by redazione

The natives call it “Nyari”, a giriama word that means “the place crumbling naturally by itself”.
Marafa village is in Magarini district, just forty kilometres down Malindi area, less than one hour drive, mostly on a good dirt road studded by baobabs and mangoes.



When Ernest Hemingway discovered Watamu

Two days for marlin fishing and a bath in blue lagoon

16-06-2020 by redazione

The great American writer Ernest Hemingway was almost 35 years old, when he saw Kenya for the first time.
He, a great vivour and passionate of strong emotions, a hunter of women and animals, had long been fond of deep-sea fishing.
From the Florida villa, with the Pilar boat, purchased with the proceeds of the first novels published at home, he decided to carry out an expedition in the heart of Africa where he could match the passion for marlin and shark fishing to big hunting.



The spectacular coral reef of Watamu

Ecosystem and best places for snorkeling

15-06-2020 by redazione

The coral reef is one of Watamu's and Kenyan Indian Ocean attractions.
Off the tourist resort, the first barrier is present from the entrance of Mida Creek to Malindi without interruption and has allowed over time and thanks to the tides, the formation of the famous sand atolls off Mayungu.
The first barrier, when the low tide is particularly low, emerges at the water level and is also walking on foot, although their beauty is to be discovered by snorkeling, or swimming deep in mask and fins if Not in "diving" with even oxygen cylinders.



The beauty of the mangroves in Mida Creek

Boat trips and walks in unique landscapes

13-06-2020 by redazione

Among the thousands of possibilities to enjoy Nature that Kenya, and particularly its coast, can boast, there is certainly the sea landscape dominated by mangroves.
These plants, which have their roots in soils which feed on water from the Indian Ocean, form really particular landscapes.



Malindi and Watamu, different sister, but so unite

Imagining the two Kenya towns like women

30-05-2020 by Freddie del Curatolo

Watamu the beautiful.
Malindi the magic.
Watamu the young and sparkling.
Ancient Malindi but still interesting.



Jalebis, a sweet recipe that comes from Persia

29-05-2020 by redazione

In the 13th century recipe book "Kitab al tabeek", the writer Muhammad Bin Hassan Bhagdadi, whose original manuscript is still kept in



The 10 most beautiful songs dedicated to Africa

From Miriam Makeba to Toto, a playlist to read, listen and see

27-05-2020 by redazione

How many times have we heard this word, this evocation, in a piece of music?
Hundreds are the pop songs whose title bears the name of the Black Continent, every language and nation has its own song.
Here is the playlist of with the 10 most beautiful songs for us dedicated to Africa.



How to make mango chutney at home

A tasty sauce to enrich the dishes of Kenya

22-05-2020 by redazione

Chutney is a typical English sweet and sour sauce made with fruit or green tomatoes. It is excellent as a sauce to flavor meat and fish foods....



Fruit or vegetables? Avocado is definitely a cure-all.

Energy, protection, good cholesterol. And it makes the salads more Kenyan.

21-05-2020 by redazione

An ancient Swahili legend says that before the arrival of the Portuguese, the natives of the Kenyan coast did not eat avocado but only used oil, because they did not consider it as fruit or vegetables.
When the Portuguese decided that...



Mnarani Ruins, more than an ancient story

107 steps to visit ancient 14th century ruins and enjoy a spectacular view

20-05-2020 by redazione

There’s an ancient story, two hundred metres from the tall bridge over Kilifi creek, along the Mombasa-Malindi highway, on the southern bank of the creek, just where the old ferry landing stage is. 
On the top of the hill you can


How to cook the Kenyan potatoes

La ricetta del popolare contorno locale "viazi vya rojo"

19-05-2020 by redazione

In Kenya, potatoes are particularly tasty.
The local population loves them fried, so much so that they are the ideal accompaniment to the national dish, the "nyama choma" (grilled meat almost toasted).
But there are many other ways to cook them.
One of the best known recipes for a side dish that can also become a single dish is "Viazi vya rojo" (stewed potatoes).
Here is the preparation according to


Catalan-style lobster with exotic fruit

An elegant suggestion of Indian Ocean and land of Africa

16-05-2020 by redazione

On the African shores of the Indian Ocean, combining fish with fruit is not a gamble, but a pleasant contrast.
On the other hand, if the fish fauna goes so well with lemon, why not also dare with passion fruit, mango, pineapple and papaya?
Here, for example,



More and more edible mushrooms in Kenya

Rain and moisture feed them, the farmers now recognize them

10-05-2020 by redazione

Global climate change, which also affects Kenya in part, has both positive and negative effects on the fertile land of the African equator.
One of these, given the ever closer temporal and climatic connection between the great rains, between May and July, and the small rains of October and November, is the presence of the edible fungi on the Kenyan territory.


Adrenaline in Kenya: 10 unique and unforgettable experiences

Dalle rapide allo zip-lining sulla foresta, dal kite-surf a quad e moto d'acqua

08-05-2020 by redazione

Kenya is one of the most varied and extraordinarily rich in unique opportunities, emotions for everyone and attractions for every kind of enthusiast or adventure expert. If for many people the African country is above all synonymous with wild nature, relaxation and immersion in a world opposite to the western world, for others it has become more and more a destination for those who want to experience "strong sensations" or devote themselves to extreme sports, as well as enjoy new shows from incredible views.
Here is a list of ten organized adventures that Kenya can offer to tourists and travelers when they return to this beautiful country.


The sweet and strong energy of mango

A help for diets, blood pressure and asthma

07-05-2020 by redazione

The mango ( scientific name Mangifera indica ) is a tropical plant belonging to the family of the Anacardiaceae.
Native to India, it was spread also in Africa and Latin America thanks to the Portuguese.


Crab soup with ginger: a traditional Lamu dish

Here the classic recipe rielaborated by

05-05-2020 by redazione

Crab soup with ginger is a traditional dish of the Lamu archipelago.
The local people, especially on the island of Pate, usually eat this dish with coconut rice or chapati.
Here is the original recipe reworked by



A trip into the "white world" of kenyan coast

Ngomeni, 30 km north of Malindi, an unique landscape

04-05-2020 by redazione

The "white world" of the Kenyan coast is about thirty kilometers north of Malindi.
After the golden beach of Che Shale, beyond the Italian base of the San Marco aerospace project, the view of the ocean disappears and miles and miles of...


Tamarind Chicken, a swahili tasty dish

An original flavours mixing of Kenya cuisine

02-05-2020 by redazione

The goodness of free-range chicken in Kenya is no mystery. In most cases it is simply cooked on the grill, but there are dishes of Swahili cuisine that contemplate other pleasant encounters of flavors. One of these is tamarind chicken (kuku wa ukwayu).



Kaimati, the greedy Kenyan tortelli

How to make typical Swahili sweets

30-04-2020 by redazione

Kaimati are characteristic sweets of Kenya, and particularly of the Swahili coast, similar to our carnival tortelli, not stuffed.
They are often garnished with a caramelized icing and sprinkled with white sugar.


10 motivi per cui si torna a Watamu

Repeaters: What's next after the first vacation?

01-12-2019 by redazione

The success of Watamu in this season (first coastal destination for influx of tourists, the best "leisure" destination in Kenya, second only to Zanzibar in all Sub-Saharan Africa) is due not only to those who...


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19-06-2019 by Franco L.

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Fish morsels in mango sauce.
This is a Swahili recipe particularly used in Malindi and Watamu and on the coast of Kenya, where the plants of this delicious tropical fruit abound.
Here is for you the recipe of


Cinnamon or cinnamon is an evergreen tree of the Lauracee family, originally from Sri Lanka but widely spread throughout the East.
Today it is also cultivated in Tanzania and partly in Kenya...


Put a magnificent structure that looks like a tower designed by Gaudi in the middle of the virgin forest of Watamu, about a hundred meters from the ocean and the white long beach between Turtle Bay and Garoda.


Visheti or Vikokoto are sweet, crunchy, sugar-coated fried dough morsels, one of the many specialities of the coastal area from Mombasa to Lamu, Kenya. They are very similar to...


The Swahili cuisine has an infinity of delicious sweet dishes that, especially during the Ramadan period, you can discover and taste and then propose them on our tables.
The vipopoo or...


Although originally from South America, papaya has spread widely in Kenya and is well integrated into Swahili cuisine. An interesting and tasty example is...


It is also easily found in Kenya, the fruit of Guava.
The Psidium guajava is a small evergreen plant that offers different fruits in colour depending on the variety:...


Since there is tourism in Kenya, and particularly in the coastal resorts, there is a fashion among westerners (the so-called mzungu) to braid their hair in African style.


Located between Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru, however small, Lake Elmenteita (also known as Elemantaita) is one of the most important in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, as it is the breeding and feeding ground for many rare and endangered bird species...


The mshakiki are meat skewers, similar in presentation to the traditional roasts of central Italy.
They can be beef, chicken or kid and ideal, before preparation, is the maturation of the meat in the fridge and marinating with oil, salt, pepper and lemon. 


It is one of the most detox drinks you can taste on the Kenyan coast, and particularly in Lamu, in some Swahili bars that offer fresh juices (the unmissable tamarind, the classic passion and many others). We are talking about beet juice and ginger.


To us at lately it happened to see them peeled and eaten by some women around the Galana River, but it is present on Lake Victoria and a little bit in all the green areas of Kenya. 
In Kenyan supermarkets and the most quoted greengrocers it is not easy to find them, if not already in the form of clean and packaged berries. 
We are talking about...


"Muhogo wa Nyama" (meat with cassava) is a typical Kenyan dish. Cassava is a tuber also known as cassava, it is used to make flour or like potatoes, both fried and stewed. Its taste is a bit reminiscent of chestnuts. In this case it can be an alternative to potatoes or green bananas for meat stew.


You can find it in local markets, or watch it bend the branches of the plant on which it grows, the Annona muricata.
It may seem harsh with its spines and huge (a single fruit can weigh up to 2 kg), but not only is it edible, but it is one of the most beneficial fruits found in nature.


Perhaps that cucumber aftertaste may leave you bewildered for a moment, but in its bittersweet bouquet you can also taste lime, passion and banana. We're talking about Kiwano, also known as horned melon.
Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, the Cucumis metuliferus is the fruit of a climbing plant native...


Sweet, fresh and thirst quenching Kenyan pineapple is one of the most loved fruits not only in this country.
A typical fruit of the coast, but also cultivated in the Rift Valley and around Nairobi (Thika's is particularly famous), pineapple (or pineapple, in Italian) belongs to the bromeliad family.

Watamu's mangroves are a natural paradise that attracts thousands of tourists, environmentalists and nature-loving travelers every year. They are a unique and fantastic natural landscape, with its microclimate and an ecosystem that allows you to observe certain types of birds, amphibians and crustaceans, such as the famous mangrove crab.


Chicken cooked "alla swahili" suffers, like many dishes of the Kenyan coast, from ancient mixes and suggestions between India, Middle East and other countries that have frequented the Indian Ocean of Africa.
Here is the original recipe for this tasty earth dish


The passion fruit is also called Maracuja and is the fruit of the Passiflora Edulis, a tropical climbing plant belonging to the Passifloraceae family.
One might think that its name evokes aphrodisiac properti


The "matoke" or "matoki" are green bananas, also known as plane tree, not excessively sweet, which also in Kenya, as in most of Africa, have various utilizations. Besides flour and bread, they are used as potatoes in stews.


"Samaki wa kupaka ya nazi", literally "Coconut fish cubes" is a dish of the Swahili tradition of Kenya, which uses various spices of ancient Indian origin to give it flavor. A very tasty version includes "madras", the most common one being the classic curry.
Here is the recipe.


Chicken with spices and lime is a tasty land dish from the Kenyan coast.
The combination of chicken with sweet and sour is a classic in Indo-Eastern cuisine, as is the combination with ginger and turmeric.
It is not uncommon to find this dish accompanied by rice flavored with garam masala in Mombasa, Malindi an Watamu.


The rice "pilau" is one of the most common unique dishes to be found in restaurants in Kenya, especially those on the coast. The recipe is of Middle Eastern origin, but its Swahili variant is widespread especially in Kenya and Tanzania and...


Star Fruit, as it is called in English-speaking countries like Kenya, is little known in Italy as Carambola, which comes from its plant, the Averrhoa Carambola. 
On the other hand, the name of the plant itself....



26-05-2020 by redazione

Mixed potatoes with lemon aroma and chili soul are one of the delights of Kenyan coast street food.
They are called "Viazi Karai" and are sold at every street corner, fried on the fly in the wok set up in simple kiosks or outside the local restaurants.
Here is the recipe to prepare them at home.


Kebab is a word of Arabic origin now known throughout the world.
But every country has its own recipe for these meatballs.
Here is the recipe of the Swahili coast, for this very popular dish that is never missing in the diners from Lamu to Ukunda.

In Kenya they call it the fruit that protects, but the properties of papaya are many and not only limited to its emollient and anti-burning properties on the body, or to the digestive, purifying and


15-05-2020 by Stefano Benni

The Indian Ocean, among its wonders and fish delicacies, abounds in squid.
The local population, especially the Swahili of the coast, do not particularly love them and are used to cook them on the grill, or together with the octopus in a guazzetto with tomato sauce and coconut milk.
But there is also a recipe of Portuguese origin that we have called "Calamari alla Vasco Da Gama".
Here is the recipe from

The Park of Lake Jipe, on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, but also accessible from the asphalt road that leads from you to Taveta, is a fantastic place where you can see....


Coconut beans (maharagwe za nazi) are a poor but tasty and energetic dish of the tradition of the ethnic mijikenda that populates the Kenyan coast.
Depending on who prepares it, tastes and abundance of beans, it can be cooked as a soup (more brothy) or as a cream (with more coconut milk).
Here is our recipe:


Rice sautéed with mango and cashews is a specialty that the Indians who emigrated to Kenya in the last century brought to the cuisine of the coast.
Habit favoured by the abundance of these two ingredients, combined with the great availability of...

06-05-2020 by redazione

In the markets and on the edges of many roads of Kenya you can see the sellers of this tuber (already, usually they are women, the real productive and commercial engine of this continent).

Cardamom is a spice known since the times of the Greeks and Romans, who used it to produce perfumes, and is currently known as the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla.
The one available on the Kenyan coast ....


It was called "Jumba La Mtwana", where "jumba" in kiswahili means "home".
It was an Arabic citadel built in the 13th century AD on the banks of the Indian Ocean, not far from the cove of today's Mtwapa, about twenty kilometers north of...


The real mountain of the Maasai people is Mount Suswa, a former volcano with incredible craters and caves.
Located in the heart of their land, Suswa is certainly the least known but probably the most interesting of the three famous volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley ....


Githeri (or Mutheri) is a typical dish based on legumes, cereals and beans, typical of the Kikuyu tradition, but also of the Embu and Meru tribes. 
The recipe is now popular throughout the central region of Kenya and has its variations on Lake Victoria and the Upper Rift Valley and can also be found in some restaurants here on the coast.


If you want to admire the rare aquatic antelope Sitatunga, there is only one park in Kenya where you can go, and it is the smallest in the whole country.
It is the Saiwa National Park, near Kitale, in the northern part of the Rift Valley.
Saiwa Park was created in 1974 specifically to protect the natural habitat and conservation of the rare Sitatunga species, and is now managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Vibibibi" are local pancakes made with rice and coconut milk.
"Vibibibi" in kiswahili means "young ladies."
In the tradition of the Kenyan coast they are used in particular at breakfast or as a sweet appetizer before lunch.
Some people also appreciate them together with ice cream.


A unique natural monument dominating an enchanting landscape, in an area little frequented by mass tourism in Kenya, but which is becoming a place of .....


The Zege (or Zegee) is a sort of omelette with potatoes and is one of the delicacies prepared by the kiosks and fry shops outside the


In the Luo dialect it means "the sunken village", the "Simi Nyaima" is a wonderful little volcanic lake in the Karachuonyo area of western Kenya, not far


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Jacaranda Bay is the best beach in Watamu: hundreds of fans of Africa, tourists and Italian residents who love the coast of Kenya, say that.
A week of voting, more than four preferences among readers of the two and portals, as many of the 5000 followers of our Facebook page and other groups and social network pages, gave the award to the first major survey .
(Read here nominations and view of the beaches gallery)