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Pigtails, a fashion that also attracts tourists to Kenya

The attraction of getting your hair "African-style" on the coast always has its followers...

17-07-2020 di redazione

Since there is tourism in Kenya, and particularly in the coastal resorts, there is a fashion among westerners (the so-called mzungu) to braid their hair in African style.
It's a habit that mostly fascinates girls, but also some men try it, maybe focusing more on the "rasta" look.
On the other hand, real female braids, the ones that women patiently make up using "extensions" of false hair or other fibers, never go out of fashion and for many tourists it's the way to go home with a souvenir on their head.
There are the traditional very wide ones and the thick ones that end with colored beads, in general the exotic look is not always much to see on a white woman's face, but the smile of well-being that shines through from those who wanted to try this experience, makes it beautiful.
Often to make braids you have to spend three or four hours under the skilful hands of local hairdressers, who are often village mothers who travel to the beaches to earn their day. But there are also specialists in the local neighborhoods of Timboni or in some Hair Salon in the narrow streets of downtown Watamu who offer catalogues of particular ethnic hairstyles in their shops.
The fashion of this temporary transformation, a sign of a carefree passage in Kenya and a plunge into a different civilization with its traditions, also aesthetic, does not hint at passing. 


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di Antonio Altieri