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Our Vasco Da Gama Squid Recipe

Guazzetto of Portuguese Africa with fresh Indian Ocean shellfish

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The Indian Ocean, among its wonders and fish delicacies, abounds in squid.
The local population, especially the Swahili of the coast, do not particularly love them and are used to cook them on the grill, or together with the octopus in a guazzetto with tomato sauce and coconut milk.
But there is also a recipe of Portuguese origin that we have called "Calamari alla Vasco Da Gama".
Here is the recipe from

Ingredients for 4 people

800 g calamari 
3 onions  
2 files
a carrot 
a celery coast 
a bay leaf
a curcuma 
two glasses of white wine 
2 peppers (one yellow and one green) 
1 mango
250 g of rice 


Use clean squid, separate the tentacles from the heads.
Shred the tentacles and cut the heads into rings.
Prepare a sauté in a large saucepan with a chopped onion, the carrot scraped, the celery rib, washed and chopped, the bay leaf, a squeezed lime, a pinch of salt and a few grains of pepper.
Add the chopped tentacles and half a glass of wine.
After two minutes add the squid and cover the casserole by adding water and leave to cook for ten minutes over low heat.
At this point remove the squid with a skimmer, leaving stock and vegetables in the bowl.
In another saucepan, heat half a glass of oil with 20 g of butter, place the squid on the pan and let it flavour over low heat. In the meantime, peel the remaining onions and cut them into rings, adding them to the squids when they are browned. Peel and wash the peppers, cut them into slices and add them to the squid stirring. Add the mango cubes, sprinkle the other lime and cover everything with wine. Add salt, pepper and cook, covered and over medium heat, for about twenty minutes, taking care to stir occasionally. Then remove the squid and vegetables from the bowl, put them on a plate and keep them warm. On a high heat, thicken the bottom until there is about one glass left on the squid. Serve immediately on a bed of boiled rice.


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