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Snakes in Kenya: 10 precautions

KWS's Decalogue of Warnings

23-11-2020 di redazione

The torrid heat that is continuing in these days on the Kenyan coast could favour the presence of snakes, particularly green and black mamba and more rarely cobras. 
Here is a decalogue of precautions reported by KWS.

1. Avoid leaving windows open for too long. Cobra and Mambas can reach very high heights.

2. Avoid leaving the front door open to fresh air in the evening. These reptiles are absolutely stealthy. You will not hear or see them entering your home.

3. Before sitting under a tree that has a sort of refreshing shade, check that there are no snakes lurking on the branches.

4. Check beds and surroundings before going to bed, cobras are very well known to hide under sheets and mattresses.

5. Avoid the habit, in the heat, of sleeping on the veranda and laying out with mats or mattresses in the evening. Most reptiles are nocturnal (they hunt at night and are much more active than during the day).

6. In this period there are not only snakes but also another enemy of man, the scolopendra, which is fast and very poisonous.

7.  Prune and defoliate the bushes around your houses. They attract rats and mice, which are the favourite snacks of the most dangerous snakes.

8. Buy snake repellent powder and pour it around the house. It will certainly decrease the chances of a snake visiting your rooms by 90%.

9. Do not immediately face snakes entering your home. Some can be easily chased away, others like the black mamba are very cocky. If threatened, they can attack the man at an unexpected speed and give multiple bites.

10. Be more careful than usual when moving around, it's hot and it's the season when snakes come out into the open and are more angry!

If there are snakes in your garden, don't hesitate to call the experts at Bio Ken Snake Farm in Watamu who will come and remove them and take them to their centre. Call the emergency number 0718290324


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