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Baobab, its beauty and its properties

The tree of a thousand years and its resources

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On the coast of Kenya there are many trees of Baobab (adansonia digitata) and many, in addition to the statuesque beauty that is one of the symbols, almost a "logo" of Africa, have also discovered its wonderful properties.
The plant of a thousand years, as they call it in the Black Continent, the one that the Lord wanted to punish for too much narcissism, overthrowing it so that the roots stood high and the branches under the ground, today knows the fame for the goodness of its fruits.
From the seeds of the baobab, in fact, are obtained essential oils which cure the skin and prevent inflammations and skin tumours, while now come the infusions which have a high anti-inflammatory power and, if taken regularly, constitute one of the best preventive treatments to avoid cancer.
To obtain an herbal tea, it is necessary to toast the seeds of the baobab as you do with coffee, and you get a very good drink, which can be assimilated to Italian barley coffee. The pulp of Baobab is very rich in vitamins, in particular vitamin C, which can reach up to 300mg every 100g of product (about seven times more than that contained in oranges for the same weight!). Remember that vitamin C has the highest antioxidant power known in nature until now. In addition to vitamin C are present in considerable amounts of calcium (295 mg. / 100 g. about three times more than milk!), potassium and phosphorus. The pulp also contains soluble fibers, to which is attributed a prebiotic function, activating the balance of bacterial flora, and insoluble fibers to increase bowel movement and faecal mass, reducing the risk of developing overweight and constipation. International studies on Baobab pulp have shown a marked anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effect at doses of 400-800 mg./K



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