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Famous coiffeur Virgola loves Kenya and Watamu

Many of his products have swahili names

05-07-2017 di redazione

Virgola is one of the most well-known and important Italian brands in the hairdressing arena and its historical founder and owner Rinaldo Rampon is a love of Kenya.
For years he has watched Watamu and his beaches, but not only.
From its creative "bad of Africa", some hair products, foams, shampoos and protective masks have been born that have names for us.
The sun-protective mask, for example, is called Garoda, like the famous dream beach before Mida Creek, but there is also a shampoo named Che Shale, as well as another evokes Chale Island, the small Paradise near Diani.
And then other products with swahili names like "mawe" (stone) and "nyema" (dry).
An elegant and appropriate way to promote, through its line, to the tourist harbors of the Kenyan coast.
But not enough, Virgola has also created a line of bags that have the design of the famous bags of rice, cement or local flour, according to the art of recycling swahili, lined with traditional kikoi fabric.
Bags, sandals and the same kikoy to advise everyone and especially their customers, to take a leap to see the enchanting places from which Virgola products are named.

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