ARCHIVIO 05/2017


All crazy for Watamu, already reservation for christmas

50 per cent increase for destination comparing to last year

28-05-2017 di redazione

It's boom for requests to Watamu, the resort is queen of the Kenyan coast for clicks and reservations.
There are already many attestations of interest for December 2017 and January 2018, as well as real reservations for the month of August.
There are also many airline fare requests from Europe on Mombasa.



Watamu Turtles love Jacaranda Bay

Local Ocean Trust save 53 eggs on the beach

19-05-2017 di redazione

The beach of Jacaranda Bay, recently chosen by our readers the most beautiful of the Kenyan coast, also seems to be very enjoyable for sea turtles.
In recent days, the Local Ocean Trust volunteers from Watamu Turtles discovered beach turtles on the beach in front of the Jacaranda Beach Resort, which had been laid in the night.
The group was warned by the masai guard of the resort, who under the moon had noticed a go of turtles who, coming from the sea, dug narrow but deep holes in the sand.
In fact volunteers had to dig for more than a meter to bring them back to light.
Thereafter, another strip of beach was discovered where many other eggs were hidden for the species' reproduction.



Watamu good for indian and japanese tourism

Malindi attracts chinese, Diani still more for british

08-05-2017 di redazione

A research conducted by BMI Pubblication, an agency dealing with a variety of magazines, magazines and online travel and tourism websites, has conducted a search for new marketing for the Kenyan coast and has recently shared with Diani the results with the Kenya Tourism Board, The Kenya Tourist Promotion Office.
From this study it was found that Watamu is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for high-level tourism in India, especially connected with Nairobi.



7 Islands Resort not closing during low season

Surprises for Paparemo Beach next summer

07-05-2017 di redazione

In contrast to many resorts and resorts that have closed down, especially due to the lack of charter and continuous flights, but also for renovation and seasonal maintenance, the 7 Islands Resort in Watamu will remain open during the low season.



Summer and autumn of movies for Watamu

With the director Malavenda for tv and cinema

03-05-2017 di redazione

It's in preparation a hot summer and a warm autumn of shooting between small and big screen in Watamu.
A promotion that comes from the love for Kenya of director Francesco Malavenda, increasingly committed between Italy, Kenya and the Principality of Monaco, and the availability of the owners of Lily Palm Resort, a tourist structure always very attentive to promotion through the media and television channels and cinematographic.