ARCHIVIO 02/2017


Italian Ambassador happy to see Watamu full of people

Massoni saw a significant increase of tourists on the coast

22-02-2017 di redazione

"I was really pleased to get back to Watamu after a year and see it blossomed with tourists":
So the Italian Ambassador in Nairobi Mauro Massoni, on the sidelines of the concert violinist Francesco D'Orazio, yesterday in Malindi.
Speaking to, Massoni reiterated the interest of the Embassy for entrepreneurship of our compatriots in the coastal tourist towns, especially linked to the resort industry.



Fabrizio, the art of make tourist fall in love for Kenya

In 15 years many italians get "mal d'Afrique" because of him

21-02-2017 di redazione

There are at least two ways to do the travel agent work: one is to, serious and professional mind you, to indicate to the second of the demands of a holiday destination, showing brochures and searching facilities, special offers, value relationships. The other is to excite the customer and maybe direct you to places you may then enter the heart. A little 'sentimental, a bit' psychologist, a little 'adventure companion.
Fabrizio Labianca, Tuscany Sansepolcro, for fifteen years carries out this type of profession and is responsible for dozens of "sick of Africa" ‚Äč‚Äčespecially in Watamu.



Hollywood industry bets on Watamu

An important production wants to shot in Kenya

19-02-2017 di redazione

The news spreads from sources close to the Studios in Los Angeles: a major Hollywood production, which has already put his signature on important films shot in Kenya (from "The Constant Gardener" by Fernando Meirelles that Raquel Weisz earned the Oscar for best Supporting actress), would be ready to make a film with the major scenes to shoot in Watamu.



16-02-2017 di redazione

A season finally happy to Watamu. The tourist destination on the Kenyan coast has once again become one of the most popular destinations, with an international showing to appreciate the wonders of Kenya and its Indian Ocean.
Compared to last year, according to data from the accommodation, from the beginning of the influx of tourists has increased by fifty per cent, but the percentage is set to increase thanks to a much more flattering in February of 2016.
The largest coastal resorts, such as Crystal Bay, 7 and Lily Palm Islands, are working very well, as well as the Jacaranda Resort Bay and a small suite and boutique hotels on the beach.



Now on the Mida Creek island also a Children's Home

Thoya Oya inaugurated yesterday In Kadaina, after school and hospital

11-02-2017 di redazione

The Thoya-Oya Children's home inside the Marafiki Primary School was inaugurated yesterday, on the island of Kadaina, between the Mida Creek mangrove.
The island is already known to have been taken under the wing of a group of Italians, led by the initiator Mario Rossi, who died recently.
Valentina Moscheni is among the most active in sustaining social activities on the island and six years working with John Thoya, a Kenyan with experiences in Switzerland and the United States very active in helping its unfortunate countrymen, because he himself is an orphan, with the good fortune to be adopted.
Today Thoya is the right arm of Valentina and, after the Government's request to prepare a structure able to accommodate children without parents who attend the Mida Creek School, has made available its expertise.



Tomorrow evening Marco Novati presents his book of travels

At Marina Restaurant "Africa Maisha Marefu" with Bice Ferraresi

09-02-2017 di redazione

Tomorrow evening at 20.30 at the Marina Restaurant in Watamu, the traveler, documentary filmmaker and writer Marco Novati presents his travelogue in Eastern Africa entitled "Africa Maisha Marefu" (long life to Africa), supported by the artist Bice Ferraresi, who he edited the preface.
The book, of which we speak at length here is a passionate journey to places and situations that evoke the magic and magnetism ancestral especially Kenya, between the Maasai Mara and Lamu, with surprising encounters and descriptions from "mal d'Afrique".
An evening of stories, evocations and travel anecdotes do not miss.


New KTB introduce itself in Watamu

Direct flights, security and cleaning are the priorities

09-02-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

A charming new director, Betty Radier, and a new marketing strategy.
This 2017 edition of the Kenya Tourist Board has presented to the hotelier Watamu meeting yesterday morning at Kobe Suite Resort on initiative and managers Guido Bertoni.
After the meeting held last January in Malindi in collaboration with the advisor of the Ministry of Tourism THR, the Kenya Tourist Board had not responded in the same manner in Watamu and taking into account the diversification of destinations desired by Roger Jones, chief adviser of the Minister Balala , there would be no need.



A Motor Ambulance from Karibuni NGO to Gede Health Center

Good to help people in remote areas

06-02-2017 di redazione

By the Italian NGO Karibuni Onlus, a new motoambulanza for Gede hospital.
The medium is very important in rural communities on the Kenyan coast to reach people in need even in villages that are not directly served by roads practicable to normal ambulance.
The initiative was coordinated in partnership with the local association Ahadi Kenya Trust.



Our portal is renewed to promote better Watamu like different location, same tourist promotion

03-02-2017 di redazione

Even is renewed in his look!
And not only!
The Watamu portal now becomes dynamic, can be read more easily on each mobile carrier, will have linkable news individually and give more space to promote tourism.
Recently the marketing of the Ministry of Tourism of Kenya has indicated in Watamu one of the tourist destinations for excellence in the country.