ARCHIVIO 08/2021


The Kenyan myth of Finch Hatton, hunting, nature and women

The life of Blixen's dandy

31-08-2021 di redazione

Ninety years ago, the most famous dandy in the history of British Africa died in Kenya when his plane crashed with his faithful servant Kamau. His name was Denys Finch Hatton and, made famous by...



Cherangani Hills, green heart of Africa

Virgin forests and ecosystem to protect

27-08-2021 di redazione

The green heart of Africa, where every nook and cranny is a metaphor for the continent's wild and fabulous eternity: springs, forest, sudden precipices and escarpments, gentle hills...



The story of the doctor riding a zebra who saved Nairobi

A century before the pandemic, the plague arrived in Kenya

23-08-2021 di redazione

The story we are telling you today happened in Kenya one hundred years ago.
A century before the pandemic that many now call the "plague of the third millennium", knowing full well..



The beauty and drama of the great migration

Tanzania and Kenya the scene of the spectacular event of nature and migration

20-08-2021 di redazione

Once again this year it is migration time in East Africa for tens of thousands of wildebeest and even a few zebras and antelopes.
Every year the spectacle of the great migration of the animals from Kenya to Tanzania is an attraction for thousands of nature lovers, animal lovers and photographers from all over the world.



Mukimo, the traditional kikuyu mash.

A special side dish now also popular on the coast

16-08-2021 di redazione

Mukimo is a dish of central Kenyan traction and is a classic accompaniment to barbecued meat, the famous nyama choma.
It is a mashed potato, pumpkin leaves, maize kernels...


Three days of exceptional events at the 7 Islands Festival

A programme of music, art and environmental protection

13-08-2021 di redazione

Watamu's "7 Island Festival", now in its third edition, is deliberately transformed into a "Boutique Event Initiative" which, with the indispensable key of fun and the fantastic location of Paparemo Beach, will involve participants from today to 15 August...



The last refuge of the Roana antelope and the blue swallow

An island of wild nature to be protected

10-08-2021 di redazione

Ruma National Park is located in western Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria in one of Kenya's most productive and populous regions, and is one of the country's most fascinating but lesser known parks.