ARCHIVIO 03/2017


Easter in Watamu, lot of tourists from Nairobi

Days full of domestic tourism, but even english and a huge wedding

31-03-2017 di redazione

Despite the bad idea of ​​charter flights to bring forward the closure of the Italian tourist season to 31 March, Easter in Watamu we are expected happy, than in previous years.
They are coming in fact, according to bookings, several tourists from Nairobi and also some British presence (after it has been taken away yet another "travel advisory" there was a great revival of interest) and American.



Last evening parties of Papa Remo Beach

Stasera ultimo buffet, domani sera beach party di arrivederci

29-03-2017 di redazione

The season of the evening parties of Papa Remo Beach closes today and tomorrow with the last "fireworks".
The exclusive venue on the Watamu beach love goodbye to his Wednesday night based cocktails, buffet and music to listen to, and the now historic beach party Thursday night due to which they danced barefoot on sand throughout the season.



Serena Grandi fell in love with Watamu

The actress of the Oscar "La grande Bellezza" in Papa Remo Beach

23-03-2017 di redazione

Watamu increasingly Very Important Persons, and summer never ends.
Now the resort town of Kenya has taken the place of Malindi and many other destinations once called "exclusive."
Times have changed and today the white beaches and the crystal clear sea Watamu attract both famous and worldly characters, and business people and cultural, as well as youth, sports and nature lovers and ecology.



On wednesday aperitif and buffet at Papa Remo Beach

On thursday disco in the same beach club of Watamu

21-03-2017 di redazione

With Mirko cocktails at sunset, begins the usual two-day party at Papa Remo Watamu Beach.
The stunning local pied-dans-l'eau in front of the seven islands of love and one of the most beautiful bays on the coast of Africa, becomes a meeting place and entertainment, with the addition of good wine, vibrant music and tasty dishes that tickle the palate. In a magical place like Papa Remo service and atmosphere we can not fail to live up to.



The "Viperetta" falls in love for Watamu

Stakeholder and owner of Sampdoria Ferrero at Paparemo and Crystal Bay

19-03-2017 di redazione

Even in March, the end of summer African, Watamu continues to attract tourists and to charm celebrities.
On the Sunday of Paparemo Beach, a true classic of beautiful sunny days on one of the cult of the resort beaches in the coastal town of Kenya, also appeared Massimo Ferrero, the Roman businessman and president of Sampdoria nicknamed "Er viperetta".



No water again on the north coast and in Watamu

Electricity bill of Baricho has been cut even this month

15-03-2017 di redazione

It's a ritual that has now been repeated for too long, but they are not served even electoral skirmishes with blows of guilt to stop it.
Like almost every month (only one stop, fortunately, during the holiday season) no water in Kilifi County.
The story is well known: the parastatal entity that supplies water to the coast does not pay electricity bills, or rather does not pay past debts that were prorated and Power & Lightning cuts the current to the water supply of Baricho, including filters for treatment by the Galana River.



A CD with many friends to help God Our Father of Timboni

Ugo Gangheri and other musicians, the GOF choir to help the Children Center

13-03-2017 di redazione

A laudable musical initiative of the Italian friends of God Our Father Center for Needy Children of Mound, along with the Neapolitan musician Hugh hinges, author of the soundtracks of many shows of comedian Job Covatta, always closely tied to Kenya.
In these days is presented throughout the country the album "A way or tiempo - Timestreet", the same hinges with Nomadia folk group.



With tourism increasing, beach boys are more in Watamu

Hoteliers together: "We have to divide the good ones from the rotten apples"

10-03-2017 di redazione

Any positive effect has its downside, especially in Kenya.
This year tourism Watamu resumed marching in the right direction, that of a good number of appearances which lasted up to the present day, with charter companies who are thinking of extending up to Easter weekly flights, planned for now only until 31 March.
But with the return of compatriots on vacation on the white beaches of the most popular tourist locations in the country, the shoreline unfortunately became repopulated by people who have nothing to do with those who work to promote this destination and who knows the rules of a place resort.



Residents of Arabuko Sokoke protest: "no digging"

To build new roads, they take murram from the forest edge

08-03-2017 di redazione

The residents and communities of the Arabuko Sokoke forest protest against the excavations on its edges.
The largest rainforest of the Kenyan coast, which extends up to Gede Matsangoni Mijomboni and Jilore south and north, is a key lung not only for nature, but also for the climate Watamu area, and has always offered the resources to the poor people that live in a just populates worthy, thanks to the rainfall and the characteristics of its soil.



Visiting the SPK nursery of Timboni

An Onlus of Bergamo helps children even HIV positive

06-03-2017 di redazione

We continue our visit to the solidarity realities in the Watamu area, with a small but significant project made in Timboni.
This is the nursery built by the association "My name is help" of Bergamo.
The S.P. & K. nursery school bears the initials of the names of the top three lenders and today grows and goes to the compulsory education about seventy children.
Four preparatory classes, divided by the booth in one building, while the adjoining houses the dormitory, necessary because most of these children are orphans and many others live far away or in poverty those for which should raise them in a better environment.



Middle of the week, it's Paparemo Beach time

Buffet on wednesday, beach party on thursday in Watamu

03-03-2017 di redazione

The Paparemo season in Watamu Beach goes on.
The beautiful and exclusive venue of the Indian Ocean in the bay of the seven islands (also known as Bay of love) goes to the days on the beach with sun beds on the beach, the elegant restaurant and the chiringuito bar, even the happy hour time of sunset with Mirko mixologist, and two special nights midweek that have become fixed appointments for many residents and vacationers Watamu and Malindi also away.
Wednesday night is the scene the buffet barefoot on the sand and background music (often with some surprise singing) great choice of amenities for a real dinner together under the stars (KES. 1500 drinks not included). Thursday evening is the time instead of the usual beach party, from 22, to dance barefoot on the sand. Kshs input. 500. For information and reservations, Tel. 0412009174


Tiziana, 20 years in Watamu with passion, art and hospitality

They call her Mama Zawadi, now she owns a small residence

03-03-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

In Watamu there are those who know her as "Mama Zawadi" and who as the Lady of the Woods of the Sea.
Here they are called "driftwood", carried logs, honed and sculpted by the current of the Indian Ocean.



Vintage evening at Paparemo with a jazz band from Mombasa

On the beach in watamu live music and a special atmosphere

02-03-2017 di redazione

Someone told us that in the sixties, to the Simbad Hotel Malindi, on Saturday night the orchestra came from Mombasa and in the large terrace overlooking the sea danced the American swing, because the owners of the hotel were built in the Moorish Americans.
Wednesday night at the Watamu Beach Paparemo proposed an evening of yesteryear on the beach, which reported in timeless atmosphere patrons of the weekly appointment buffet, giving notes and vintage elegance unusual for nightlife on the coast Kenyan, too often relegated aseptic "bumbum" in nightclubs, which has little to do with the beautiful starry, the whispers of nature and the scent of the ocean in the background.