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Malindi and Watamu, different sister, but so unite

Imagining the two Kenya towns like women

30-05-2020 di Freddie del Curatolo

Watamu the beautiful.
Malindi the magic.
Watamu the young and sparkling.
Ancient Malindi but still interesting.



Jalebis, a sweet recipe that comes from Persia

29-05-2020 di redazione

In the 13th century recipe book "Kitab al tabeek", the writer Muhammad Bin Hassan Bhagdadi, whose original manuscript is still kept in



The 10 most beautiful songs dedicated to Africa

From Miriam Makeba to Toto, a playlist to read, listen and see

27-05-2020 di redazione

How many times have we heard this word, this evocation, in a piece of music?
Hundreds are the pop songs whose title bears the name of the Black Continent, every language and nation has its own song.
Here is the playlist of with the 10 most beautiful songs for us dedicated to Africa.



26-05-2020 di redazione

Mixed potatoes with lemon aroma and chili soul are one of the delights of Kenyan coast street food.
They are called "Viazi Karai" and are sold at every street corner, fried on the fly in the wok set up in simple kiosks or outside the local restaurants.
Here is the recipe to prepare them at home.



Swahili Kebab, le polpette cucinate sulla costa keniana

La ricetta originale delle "meatballs" delle tavole calde da Lamu a Ukunda

25-05-2020 di redazione

Kebab is a word of Arabic origin now known throughout the world.
But every country has its own recipe for these meatballs.
Here is the recipe of the Swahili coast, for this very popular dish that is never missing in the diners from Lamu to Ukunda.


How to make mango chutney at home

A tasty sauce to enrich the dishes of Kenya

22-05-2020 di redazione

Chutney is a typical English sweet and sour sauce made with fruit or green tomatoes. It is excellent as a sauce to flavor meat and fish foods....



Fruit or vegetables? Avocado is definitely a cure-all.

Energy, protection, good cholesterol. And it makes the salads more Kenyan.

21-05-2020 di redazione

An ancient Swahili legend says that before the arrival of the Portuguese, the natives of the Kenyan coast did not eat avocado but only used oil, because they did not consider it as fruit or vegetables.
When the Portuguese decided that...



Mnarani Ruins, more than an ancient story

107 steps to visit ancient 14th century ruins and enjoy a spectacular view

20-05-2020 di redazione

There’s an ancient story, two hundred metres from the tall bridge over Kilifi creek, along the Mombasa-Malindi highway, on the southern bank of the creek, just where the old ferry landing stage is. 
On the top of the hill you can


How to cook the Kenyan potatoes

La ricetta del popolare contorno locale "viazi vya rojo"

19-05-2020 di redazione

In Kenya, potatoes are particularly tasty.
The local population loves them fried, so much so that they are the ideal accompaniment to the national dish, the "nyama choma" (grilled meat almost toasted).
But there are many other ways to cook them.
One of the best known recipes for a side dish that can also become a single dish is "Viazi vya rojo" (stewed potatoes).
Here is the preparation according to


Papaya, the fruit that protects and purifies

There are many uses for it in Kenya. Eaten in the morning it is laxative and antioxidant.

18-05-2020 di redazione

In Kenya they call it the fruit that protects, but the properties of papaya are many and not only limited to its emollient and anti-burning properties on the body, or to the digestive, purifying and



Catalan-style lobster with exotic fruit

An elegant suggestion of Indian Ocean and land of Africa

16-05-2020 di redazione

On the African shores of the Indian Ocean, combining fish with fruit is not a gamble, but a pleasant contrast.
On the other hand, if the fish fauna goes so well with lemon, why not also dare with passion fruit, mango, pineapple and papaya?
Here, for example,


15-05-2020 di Stefano Benni


Our Vasco Da Gama Squid Recipe

Guazzetto of Portuguese Africa with fresh Indian Ocean shellfish

14-05-2020 di redazione

The Indian Ocean, among its wonders and fish delicacies, abounds in squid.
The local population, especially the Swahili of the coast, do not particularly love them and are used to cook them on the grill, or together with the octopus in a guazzetto with tomato sauce and coconut milk.
But there is also a recipe of Portuguese origin that we have called "Calamari alla Vasco Da Gama".
Here is the recipe from


Lake Jipe, the mirror of Kilimanjaro

Spectacular water supply for thousands of animal

12-05-2020 di redazione

The Park of Lake Jipe, on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, but also accessible from the asphalt road that leads from you to Taveta, is a fantastic place where you can see....



The tasty coconut beans

Dish of the mijikenda tradition of the coast of Kenya

11-05-2020 di redazione

Coconut beans (maharagwe za nazi) are a poor but tasty and energetic dish of the tradition of the ethnic mijikenda that populates the Kenyan coast.
Depending on who prepares it, tastes and abundance of beans, it can be cooked as a soup (more brothy) or as a cream (with more coconut milk).
Here is our recipe:



More and more edible mushrooms in Kenya

Rain and moisture feed them, the farmers now recognize them

10-05-2020 di redazione

Global climate change, which also affects Kenya in part, has both positive and negative effects on the fertile land of the African equator.
One of these, given the ever closer temporal and climatic connection between the great rains, between May and July, and the small rains of October and November, is the presence of the edible fungi on the Kenyan territory.


Mango and cashew nut sautéed rice

An original and tasty Swahili recipe of Indian origin

09-05-2020 di redazione

Rice sautéed with mango and cashews is a specialty that the Indians who emigrated to Kenya in the last century brought to the cuisine of the coast.
Habit favoured by the abundance of these two ingredients, combined with the great availability of...


Crab soup with ginger: a traditional Lamu dish

Here the classic recipe rielaborated by

05-05-2020 di redazione

Crab soup with ginger is a traditional dish of the Lamu archipelago.
The local people, especially on the island of Pate, usually eat this dish with coconut rice or chapati.
Here is the original recipe reworked by



A trip into the "white world" of kenyan coast

Ngomeni, 30 km north of Malindi, an unique landscape

04-05-2020 di redazione

The "white world" of the Kenyan coast is about thirty kilometers north of Malindi.
After the golden beach of Che Shale, beyond the Italian base of the San Marco aerospace project, the view of the ocean disappears and miles and miles of...

Cardamom, the natural antidepressant

It also has slimming and digestive properties

03-05-2020 di redazione

Cardamom is a spice known since the times of the Greeks and Romans, who used it to produce perfumes, and is currently known as the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla.
The one available on the Kenyan coast ....



Tamarind Chicken, a swahili tasty dish

An original flavours mixing of Kenya cuisine

02-05-2020 di redazione

The goodness of free-range chicken in Kenya is no mystery. In most cases it is simply cooked on the grill, but there are dishes of Swahili cuisine that contemplate other pleasant encounters of flavors. One of these is tamarind chicken (kuku wa ukwayu).



Jumba La Mtwana, a "Gede" facing the ocean in Kilifi County

In Mtwapa the interesting ruins of an old town around XII century

01-05-2020 di redazione

It was called "Jumba La Mtwana", where "jumba" in kiswahili means "home".
It was an Arabic citadel built in the 13th century AD on the banks of the Indian Ocean, not far from the cove of today's Mtwapa, about twenty kilometers north of...