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A project to make Watamu the pearl of Kenya

Eco-destination with water sports, diving and natural places

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As part of the presentation of the "Kenya Beach Destination Strategy," the report on the revitalization of tourism commissioned by the Kenyan government agency Spanish THR, yesterday in Malindi there was also talk of Watamu destination.
"A tourist destination that will be completely decoupled from Malindi and other tourist resorts on the coast - said the rapporteur of the report, Roger Jones - because it has special characteristics, which are also the strengths reported by its entrepreneurs in recent meetings: especially ecology, seaside living for relaxing, diving, water sports and deep sea fishing. a destination that appeals to young people and sports, and international tourists, and a good percentage, increasing, club-goers. "




Introduction, history, climate, museum

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Malindi is a small town overlooking the Indian Ocean shores, located about 120 km from Mombasa and just a few miles from the mouth of river Sabaki which takes the name Galana in its upper flow and is, actually, after river Tana, the second kenyan river by importance and basin, although remaining the longest one.
Its population counts around 40.000 inhabitants, with more than a tenth of westerners but the whole district, also including Watamu, Mambrui and many internal villages reaches more than 100.000 people. Other minorities are represented by indians or kenyan citizens having indian origin (the same can be said for the arabs).



A restaurant in the Sardinia Two paradise

Relax and comfort on the sunbeds of Alawi

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Lunch in one of the most elegant and secluded boutique hotel in Watamu, on the shores of the Bay Jacaranda,
Directly across from the sandy islets of "Sardinia Due" and relax on the beautiful private beach sunbeds?
Or organize an exclusive dinner in the company in a unique setting between the whispering palm trees and the sweet music of the palms?



Natural protection of skin Made In Kenya

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Maurizio "Kipara" and his friends heart

One day with the special pupils of Gede

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They are the purest, sweetest, and the ones hopelessly hopeless, but to a smile and joy given by the solidarity that does not pretend tomorrow, that does not ask gratitude and can not build the future.
And 'pure kindness and dedication, care and attention what disabled children of the Special School Gede need. And a few seasons found in Mauritius "Kipara" Beghelli a dad.



Kite, deep sea fishing, sun and environment

Four ways to enjoy Watamu during holidays

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Young people have chosen it as a favorite destination for the Kite Surfing.
The wind has changed since a week, the first month in the summer kaskazi blows strong and allows the long strip of ocean protected by coral reefs, from Hemingway to the creek Bay Midas, to occur in evolution and enjoy the beauty of the sea doing sports.



Come Back, pleasure garden of food

Watamu restaurant renewed in menu and design

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If the Come Back Club is the undisputed meeting point for every night in Watamu, with its increasingly crowded bar and full of joy, with the hospitality of his "deus ex machina" Mario Ciampi and that mixture of Africa and Europe distinguishes our tourist destination, today the local in the town center also adds to the excellent food and the pleasure of dining in a casually elegant garden to its nightly proposal.



Still drills near the Watamu lung

Arabuko Sokoke forest threatened by chinese

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Environmentalists move by two years to avoid a mess that could relate to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, which stretches from Gede in Matsangoni, along the Mombasa-Malindi road where there are also inputs for tourists, until well into the street for Tsavo, between the villages of Jilore and Vitengeni. 


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Children party in Watamu at Marina Restaurant

Italian association gives presents and medical checks

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A lot of smiles to many children in the village of Blue Bay area of ​​Watamu and the pupils of the School Brilliant, thanks to the association "No more violence Infinite", a Expoitaly and Marina Restaurant which hosted yesterday a beautiful celebration of solidarity , to start the new year with an outstretched hand and a lot of hope, in the sign of new social projects that will add to those already made in previous years.


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