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Watamu places

Images that tell the beauty of Watamu

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Fishermen with their traditional creels used for shellfish fishing


Snakes in Kenya: 10 precautions

KWS's Decalogue of Warnings

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The torrid heat that is continuing in these days on the Kenyan coast could favour the presence of snakes, particularly green and black mamba and more rarely cobras. 
Here is a decalogue of precautions reported by KWS.



Kite Lovers

A special natural environment for all types of kiters

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The low tide creates perfect conditions for both beginners and experienced freestyle enthusiasts.


Breathe, 2017

Paralyzed by polio in Nairobi in 1958, he travelled the world with his wife.

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The incredible story of Robin Cavendish told in this film released in 2017, whose original title is "Breathe".
It is a Hollywood production starring the young Andrew Garfield (Spider Man, The social network) who plays the protagonist of a true story of the last century from Kenya.



Daily sightseeing in the neighbouring Malindi: the Portuguese chapel

What remains of Francesco Xavier's visit to the coast

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The Portuguese presence in Malindi began with the arrival of Vasco de Gama in 1498. It is known that the chapel was built at the end of the 15th century. It is rather surprising that the authorities of an ancient Islamic city authorised the construction of a Christian church.



A magical moment on the coast of Kenya

From light to darkness less than an hour, and everything seems to pay homage to Africa

14-11-2020 di Freddie del Curatolo

Giuseppe Ungaretti, who was born in Africa, called it "the hour that clouds and dismisses".
Karen Blixen distinguished it from dawn for that extra hint of melancholy, of the annunciation of the mysterious and treacherous night.
In Kenya, along the line of the Equator and particularly on the coast, the brief moment from...



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Karen Dinesen Blixen lived in Kenya from 1914 to 1931.
She came there from the icy Denmark with her husband, baron Von Blixen, to buy a plot on the hills Ngong, near Nairobi, and build then a farm. 
Rather being a farmer, the baron was actually more interested in the big game hunting and the young masai women.
It was his fault that Karen was infected by syphilis and had to come back to Denmark to follow treatments. 
At that moment, she realized she was a writer and learned what is mal d'Afrique.



The history of the symbol of Mombasa, the tusks

Giant replicas of elephant tusks form two arches above Moi Ave, welcoming visitors to the city

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Mombasa is certainly the oldest city in Kenya and one of the historical ports of East Africa. The other landings mentioned as early as the tenth century AD by early navigators, are now ruins of cities (such as Kilwa in Tanzania or Sofala in Mozambique) or have remained minor settlements.


Sweet potatoes are fairly easy to grow in Kenya

New agricultural resource, also changing habits in the kitchen

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Climate change, the difficulty of having two maize harvests a year and problems with pest control products are convincing many farmers to focus on the tuber, which can also be processed into flour.


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