ARCHIVIO 07/2017


Gede school is more special now

Works and donation by Maurizio Beghelli's friends

31-07-2017 di redazione

Gede's school is really special.
Not only because it is called "special school" and because its students are extraordinary children, but because it receives and transmits love.
What can be done for the disabled motorcycles and mental school just outside Watamu is not related to the future, the now famous and abused motto "Let's help them home", but damn anchored to the present.



All people in Watamu for the election days

Kenyans choose their favourite tourist destination

28-07-2017 di redazione

Kenyans chose where to spend the days of the national elections, scheduled for the next Tuesday, August 8th.
The Ministry of Interior and National Security has not advised the population to stay in Nairobi and other northern cities, and yesterday, US observers applauded Kenya as it is organizing anti-racism.
But profiting from coincidence with August vacations and school closures, many families will close their activities and enjoy days of deserved relaxation.



Ilaria's love for Kenya build a nursery in Jimba

The story of Victoria Academy School near Watamu

27-07-2017 di redazione

Last March I went to Kenya for the 7thtime in my life, but it was the first time for my Daughter Victoria, who is now almost 2 years old.
Peter and Lilly are a just married couple with whom I established a very nice friendship which became stronger and stronger despite the distance. They were born and grown up in a small Village near the coast.


Agama, rettile che cambia colore in base all'umore

In this time on Kenyan coast orange and blue are more bright

24-07-2017 di redazione

Mood in Kenya is really an essential component of life and not just for man, who often finds "sense of peace" or the meaning of his earthly path. Science now tells us that some animals can completely change the features according to how they feel inside.
This is the case of Agama, that particular and wonderful lizard that we are used to to admire even on the Kenyan coast, especially when it starts to be very hot. Its peculiarity is the color. Indeed, in the face of an intense blue (or electric blue) skin from the tail to the front legs, it almost always has an orange head.



22-07-2017 di Leni Frau


Almost ready the tarmac road of Timboni

After the way to new market, next step is Jacaranda Road

21-07-2017 di redazione

Improving the infrastructure at Watamu.
It is a slow process but its fruits, as it was previously for lighting all the main artery and how it will be for connecting the coastal road with Malindi, via Mayungu.
The Timboni road pavement is now under construction, which will link Gede-Watamu to the new market area, where a new mattoon stand is to be created.



Re-opening with new look for Papa Remo Beach

Today sunbeds and restaurant, evening buffet

20-07-2017 di redazione

Great restyiling for Papa Remo Beach, Watamu's historic organized beach that reopens on Thursday, July 20th for the season.
What will jump to your eyes now is the leap of quality elegance with white to make it master. White in the structures and finishes that will evoke changing fabrics and the new exterior furnishing, which is enriched with two comfortable cement sofas with colored pillows.



Now is also on Facebook

Videos and reportage will show the beauty of Watamu

16-07-2017 di redazione

From today becomes much more than just a tourist information portal.
With the enrichment of the interactive Facebook page, and with the presence of Mirko, a professional barman and passionate videomaker, but especially involved in the tourist growth of the resort in Paparemo Beach, each week there will be video links, services and headlines for To show the beauty of Watamu.



13-07-2017 di redazione

The summer season of Watamu Lily Palm Resort start out in the best way.
In recent days, the refurbished hotel overlooking one of the scenic bays of the Kenyan tourist resort celebrated a wedding of a couple from the high society of the capital Nairobi.


Niky, the guardian angel of Watamu cats

The italian resident saves and spay stray cats

10-07-2017 di Leni Frau

In Watamu they call her all "Mama Paka".
Nicoletta "Niky" Ghiberti has for five years been the cats paladin of the small tourist town of Watamu.
Mama Paka is a 55-year-old lady who was born in Kenya in 2004 from Turin, where she worked as a bookkeeper for pharmacies in the capital and province.
"We moved here after the doctors advised my husband Gaetano to move to a place with a mild and warm climate for many months a year - says Niky - first of all I thought of Sardinia but Gaetano, which every year was usual Take a vacation in Kenya, call me to inform me of buying a plot in Watamu. "



Famous coiffeur Virgola loves Kenya and Watamu

Many of his products have swahili names

05-07-2017 di redazione

Virgola is one of the most well-known and important Italian brands in the hairdressing arena and its historical founder and owner Rinaldo Rampon is a love of Kenya.
For years he has watched Watamu and his beaches, but not only.
From its creative "bad of Africa", some hair products, foams, shampoos and protective masks have been born that have names for us.



Turisanda back to Kenya, at Watamu Sun Palm Resort

Prestigious Tour Operator bets on swahili coast

01-07-2017 di redazione

After a few years, Turisanda returns to wagering on Kenya and chooses Watamu to bring its customers through travel agencies, its website and the huge customer portfolio earned during many years of Tour Operator.
The Turisanda Club Sun Palm Beach Resort (4-star superior) is a structure of only 44 newly renovated rooms to ensure guests the utmost care for every detail. It overlooks one of the beautiful bays with the islets and a white coral reef strip.