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Kaimati, the greedy Kenyan tortelli

How to make typical Swahili sweets

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Kaimati are characteristic sweets of Kenya, and particularly of the Swahili coast, similar to our carnival tortelli, not stuffed.
They are often garnished with a caramelized icing and sprinkled with white sugar.


The incredible craters of Mount Suswa, in the heart of the Maasai land.

For lovers of trekking and exploration, a unique experience in the world

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The real mountain of the Maasai people is Mount Suswa, a former volcano with incredible craters and caves.
Located in the heart of their land, Suswa is certainly the least known but probably the most interesting of the three famous volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley ....



Rainy season, it's Githeri time.

Here is the recipe of legume soup of Kikuyu origin

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Githeri (or Mutheri) is a typical dish based on legumes, cereals and beans, typical of the Kikuyu tradition, but also of the Embu and Meru tribes. 
The recipe is now popular throughout the central region of Kenya and has its variations on Lake Victoria and the Upper Rift Valley and can also be found in some restaurants here on the coast.



Saiwa National Park, the home of rare Sitatunga

Only in Kenya's smallest reserve can you see the aquatic antelope

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If you want to admire the rare aquatic antelope Sitatunga, there is only one park in Kenya where you can go, and it is the smallest in the whole country.
It is the Saiwa National Park, near Kitale, in the northern part of the Rift Valley.
Saiwa Park was created in 1974 specifically to protect the natural habitat and conservation of the rare Sitatunga species, and is now managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.



Vibibibi, the Swahili rice and coconut pancake

The recipe of the traditional breakfast cake from Malindi and Watamu

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Vibibibi" are local pancakes made with rice and coconut milk.
"Vibibibi" in kiswahili means "young ladies."
In the tradition of the Kenyan coast they are used in particular at breakfast or as a sweet appetizer before lunch.
Some people also appreciate them together with ice cream.



Kit Mikayi, a stone monument and its legend

A dolmen on Lake Victoria, is becoming a tourist destination

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A unique natural monument dominating an enchanting landscape, in an area little frequented by mass tourism in Kenya, but which is becoming a place of .....


Zege, Kenya's gourmet street omelette

The recipe for one of the delicacies of kiosks on the coast

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The Zege (or Zegee) is a sort of omelette with potatoes and is one of the delicacies prepared by the kiosks and fry shops outside the


Simbi Nyaima, the healing lake and its legend

Thermal waters in an extinct volcano in Kendu Bay

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In the Luo dialect it means "the sunken village", the "Simi Nyaima" is a wonderful little volcanic lake in the Karachuonyo area of western Kenya, not far