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Sweet dumplings in coconut cream

Un dolce delicato e profumato

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The Swahili cuisine has an infinity of delicious sweet dishes that, especially during the Ramadan period, you can discover and taste and then propose them on our tables.
The vipopoo or...



The fantastic properties of Curcuma

The "pixie dust" that one should not do without

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It is a spice native to the Indian sub-continent, present on the African coasts of the Indian Ocean already in 1300 and brought to Europe by the English in the past centuries. Its name is..



The 10 amazing things we can do with elephant poop

From the analgesic to a fine coffee, to the building industry, a bio-useful element of the future.

25-08-2020 di redazione

The elephant, as well as a species to be protected for its precious tusks, can increasingly prove to be a friend of man and Nature.
Certainly the biggest, but also the most useful in things you would not expect. A study by the American Lifesaving has found that even...



Ugali, the king of the Kenyan table

Polenta with meat, fish or vegetables

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The ugali, composed of posho or sima, i.e. cornmeal and a side dish that can be meat, fish or vegetables, is the unique dish typical of Kenya and especially of the coast.



Sea, monkeys, cottages and tranquility

Anche a Watamu una delle oasi della Ngo "Arocha"

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That's about 20 in the world, one per country.
In the Black Continent only in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. And the Kenyan one is in Watamu



Tuna pass in Watamu's waters

The Indian Ocean of the Kenyan coast is populated by fish

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As every year, at this time of year, we find ourselves commenting and marveling at an effect of marine nature, which, thanks to the currents and water temperature, favours the migration of yellow fin tuna, which pass between



Bio Ken, the snake farm in Watamu

Not only reptiles, but also a study center and antidotes

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The Bio Ken Snake farm in Watamu is definitely one of the most interesting and useful places to visit in the tourist town.
The structure that houses the largest collection of snakes in..



Cumin, digestive and purifying spice

Healthy benefits for body and mind

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Cumin is one of the most popular spices in the world and grows on all continents.
It comes from a herbaceous plant (Cuminum cyminum) with leaves as long as 10 cm and arranged in a comb, which has very ancient origins.
The seeds of cumin are practically similar to those of fennel or aniseed.



Watamu history

Vilage of sweet people and that irish family...

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From ancient Arabic writings, we know that the Arabuko forest stretched from just outside Malindi almost to Kilifi and was populated by wild beasts, poisonous snakes (cobra especially) and elephants, who often came down to unexplored beaches and bays protected by barrier Reef.
There were no docks for ships, but dangerous "dry" so to Kilifi was good habit for travelers, surf off the coast until he glimpsed the Bay of Malindi.
Around 1300, the Arab community of Gede town, of which the ruins still remain today, makes a way in the forest in order to reach an outlet to the sea, in the Watamu Bay.
From there he developed a fishing village and the Arabs now established on the coast mingled with the local Giriama, creating a Bajun community that began flourishing boat trade with Lamu and Takaungu.



The fish cutlets, Swahili potato croquettes with tuna

Katlesi za tuna, a special recipe for those who do not like meat

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Cutlets, snacks similar to our potato croquettes, are very popular on the Kenyan coast to be eaten on the street or in the many local restaurants.
Usually they are filled with meat, but we offer a tuna version, easy and quick to prepare at home with few ingredients.



Discovering Watamu

The white beaches with bays, caves and coves and the "sweet people".

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The beauty of nature around Watamu is the first calling card of this wonderful Kenyan resort.
Twenty kilometers before Malindi, arriving from Mombasa and Kilifi, after the villages of Chumani and Matsangoni, you meet...



Ginger, the energetic and stimulating spice

Properties and uses of "natural cortisone''

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Richly owned, Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe), also known by the English name Ginger, is a perennial herbaceous plant, about 90cm high and belonging to the Zingiberaceae family...