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The invigorating properties of tamarind

The drink is refreshing, the fruit cures rheumatism

31-07-2020 di redazione

Kenya is increasingly the ideal environment for tamarind, present on the Swahili coast since it was brought and planted from India a thousand years ago.
Tamarindus Indica is a majestic, long-lived evergreen belonging to the leguminous family.



A trip to Gedi Ruins

Ashes of an ancient arab city in the middle of the forest

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Gede is located between Malindi and Kilifi, in the coastal region of Kenya, 94 km north of the city of Mombasa.
Its ruins tell of historical un'insediamento, one of the oldest in the coastal area of ​​East Africa which has remained track. The town, which seems would host 3,000 people, was abandoned in the late 1500s the abandonment causes uncertain, but it is likely that it was an attack of the dreaded Somali Galla tribes, driven out of Malindi, destroying a large part of that civilization.



Here come the birds on the Sabaki, Bird Watching Paradise...

With the monsoon, on the river estuary a spectacle of rare beauty

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With the change of season and the winter and monsoon "Kuzi" wind, the mouth of the Sabaki River is filled with rare, colourful and beautiful tropical birds.
It is now a custom, but every year...



How to talk about Africa (using all possible clichés)

The semi-serious advice of a great Kenyan writer

26-07-2020 di redazione

Let's pick up a passage we translated, taken from an amusing, ironic and by now unobtainable booklet by the Kenyan journalist and writer Binyavanga Wainaina, who unfortunately left us in May last year, who makes fun of the commonplaces of Western writers who are struggling with the African subject.



Green papaya spaghetti with coconut, another delicious recipe of Swahili cuisine

Tambi za mapapai, an original and unusual dessert

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Although originally from South America, papaya has spread widely in Kenya and is well integrated into Swahili cuisine. An interesting and tasty example is...



Lake Chala, volcanic pool under Kilimanjaro

Fantastic nature, swimming, divided between Kenya and Tanzania

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Few people know Lake Chala.
Located half in Kenya and the other half in Tanzania, under Kilimanjaro, between the towns of Taveta and Loitokitok, Chala is a crater four square kilometers in diameter surrounded by greenery.



Guava, the sweet antioxidant of athletes

The fruit that is also good for the skin also abounds in Kenya

21-07-2020 di redazione

It is also easily found in Kenya, the fruit of Guava.
The Psidium guajava is a small evergreen plant that offers different fruits in colour depending on the variety:...



The Swahili Chapati

Flat bread (italian piadina) of Indian origin

19-07-2020 di redazione

Chapati is a traditional bread brought to Kenya from the Indian tradition, but then evolved throughout the country and today baked in the streets, in poor places as well as in high level establishments as an accompaniment for dishes.
Its simple and quick preparation makes it a tasty and filling dish to pair with beans, vegetables or meat dishes and soups. 



Pigtails, a fashion that also attracts tourists to Kenya

The attraction of getting your hair "African-style" on the coast always has its followers...

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Since there is tourism in Kenya, and particularly in the coastal resorts, there is a fashion among westerners (the so-called mzungu) to braid their hair in African style.



Lake Elmenteita, not only bird watching paradise

The small lake of the Rift Valley is rich in history and landscapes

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Located between Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru, however small, Lake Elmenteita (also known as Elemantaita) is one of the most important in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, as it is the breeding and feeding ground for many rare and endangered bird species...



Baobab, its beauty and its properties

The tree of a thousand years and its resources

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On the coast of Kenya there are many trees of Baobab (adansonia digitata) and many, in addition to the statuesque beauty that is one of the symbols, almost a "logo" of Africa, have also discovered its wonderful properties.... fake watches



Agama, reptile that changes colour according to mood

In this period it has particularly bright shades

11-07-2020 di redazione

Mood in Kenya is indeed an essential component of life and not only for man, who often finds here the "peace of the senses" or the sense of his earthly path. Science now tells us that some animals can completely change their connotations depending on how they feel inside.
This is the case of... replica watches



Mshakiki (or Mshikaki)

Spiedini di carne speziati alla brace

10-07-2020 di redazione

The mshakiki are meat skewers, similar in presentation to the traditional roasts of central Italy.
They can be beef, chicken or kid and ideal, before preparation, is the maturation of the meat in the fridge and marinating with oil, salt, pepper and lemon. 



Coconut. The essence of Africa.

Water, oil, milk and pulp

08-07-2020 di redazione

The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, scientific name Cocos nucifera, a plant belonging to the Arecaceae family and native to Indonesia, but thanks to the ability of coconuts to float on seawater and maintain the ability to germinate after 110 days of immersion (a period in which they can travel up to 5000 kilometers) has spread naturally in many places around the globe. 



Galana Conservancy the nearest wildlife

Nightly and off-piste game drives in respect of the territory

06-07-2020 di redazione

The Galana Conservancy is one of the true wildlife treasures of County Kilifi and Kenya.
This 60,000 acre wildlife paradise is located on the eastern border of the Tsavo East National Park, on the northern banks of the Galana River, about 120 km from Malindi and thanks to the new paved road can be reached in less than an hour. The protected area is home to many wonderful species, some unfortunately endangered and threatened.



Beet Juice and Ginger, Swahili Detox

The healthy drink in the bars of Lamu, Malindi and Watamu is popular.

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It is one of the most detox drinks you can taste on the Kenyan coast, and particularly in Lamu, in some Swahili bars that offer fresh juices (the unmissable tamarind, the classic passion and many others). We are talking about beet juice and ginger.



From subsistence food to culinary exoticism

How has gastronomy changed in Watamu and the surrounding area?

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We are well aware of the history and travails of the African continent: few strains and thousands of tribes scattered over an area of about 30 million square kilometers, who have paid a bitter duty to the evolution of the Western world, suffering equal treatment in every corner of their wild and sunny land.
Like the peoples and nature, the cuisine has suffered from European colonization....


The history of Kenya's oldest hotel

The Africa Hotel in Mombasa was built in 1900.

02-07-2020 di redazione

It was 1898, in the port of Mombasa British ships began to arrive from India, loaded with goods and tools to build the famous railway that would connect what was then the first city of Kenya, as well as the most important port in East Africa, with the protectorate of Uganda.
Many of the Queen's subjects had already gone inland and had identified the marshy area that the maasai called Nai'robi (cold water field) as the crossroads of the new railway line.



Alchechengi, the one from Galana is excellent.

A fruit not uncommon in Kenya, natural aspirin

01-07-2020 di redazione

To us at lately it happened to see them peeled and eaten by some women around the Galana River, but it is present on Lake Victoria and a little bit in all the green areas of Kenya. 
In Kenyan supermarkets and the most quoted greengrocers it is not easy to find them, if not already in the form of clean and packaged berries. 
We are talking about...