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Wildlife Wars - Richard Leakey

My Fight to Save Africa's Natural Treasures

27-01-2021 di redazione

"My fight to save Africa's natural treasures'. 
This is the eloquent subtitle of an autobiography co-written with journalist Virginia Morell.
The life of the founder of the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya's staunchest defender of wild animals. 



Watamu, a place for those who can see beyond

Not only beaches and nature, a unique location

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Watamu may seem at first glance to be one of the many villages on the African coast, consisting simply of a small cluster of hotels, a strip of private houses on the beach, a cluttered and poor village shaded by...



Amboseli National Park, the elephant park

Between endless plains and swamps in the shadow of Kilimanjaro

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Amboseli National Park is undoubtedly one of Kenya's most popular parks, and we can agree that the reason for its fame is Mount Kilimajaro, which stands out as a stunning backdrop, visible from every point in the park.
Covering an area of 392 square kilometres, Amboseli is a rather small park within...



From A to Z, rememberin' Kenya

The alphabet of an unique, wonderful Nation

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One entry for each letter of the alphabet is certainly not enough to contain all the wonders and peculiarities of a unique and varied country like Kenya.
Cradle of humanity, a place that more than any other personifies the so-called...



Watamu places

Low tide

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The wonder of one of the corner of Watamu


Mambrui and its golden beach not far from Watamu

Arabian elegance and an enchanting stretch of coastline for a wild day out

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Thirty kilometres north of Watamu, after the bridge over the mouth of the Sabaki River, where flamingos and hippos can be seen and where the vegetation is particularly luxuriant, lies the village of Mambrui.



The homely discovery of Watamu destination

Encouraging numbers from domestic tourism

11-01-2021 di redazione

Until a few years ago Watamu was an unknown destination for many Kenyans from the north and inland.
In recent months, and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, those who wanted to spend their holidays outside the big cities and in seaside resorts were...



Okra soup, a revisited traditional dish

Here is the recipe for preparing it with prawns

07-01-2021 di redazione

One of the traditional dishes of Sub-Saharan Africa is okra soup.
In Arabic, 'okra' is the name given to the tasty little courgettes with grooves found at every market stall, which the English call 'Lady's fingers', while in...